24 March 2011

Vampire Diaries


“You’re cute Bonnie!” “Yeah, I know, it’s some spell from Malaysia. It’s susuk or something.”

Forgive me Vampire Diaries’ fans, but I just want to say something. I’d love Vampire Diaries! Though now I’d still love Glee, but VD is worth watching. Though it bores me till I could sleep while watching it, I still can say it’s quite OK nonetheless. Actually, I’ve been trying to watch the series for weeks, but watching first episode itself can make me fall into deep slumber in no time. I tried few times, and every attempt ends with a very good sleep.

So I skipped the first 13 episodes, and started at Episode 14, just when the plot is at its peak. So I would not have to see the part where the love scenes of getting ‘to know her’, ‘he’s dashing’, ‘Who are you?’ that would make me puke with no delay. I’m telling you, love scenes will not do me the thrill. It has been so overrated and unreal.

You know what I’d love the most about the show? It’s of course Bonnie Bennet! I’d love witches! Remember the Charmed Ones? She’s the new Charmed! Oh, and now I’m having a celebrity crush on her. She’s smoking hot. And I just love everytime she’s doing her magic tricks. It makes the show from tolerable to exciting.

“I know what you mean. Duh, how come you’d ever think that witches won’t use Botox? It’s the new magic, bitch!”

I am not sure about you guys, but I think love story about vampires is so 2005. And when werewolves come into picture, we instantly know that it would always be Bloodsucker vs. Sabretooth. But since they put Bonnie in, the witch literally do the spell unto me. And when Lucy, Bonnie’s cousin is introduced,

I can already see the direction of the story. I mean, for Bonnie’s character’s progress of course. Put more witches into the show Alloy Entertainment, and you just got yourself a very fanatic fan!
For more information about her, just dig here : Wikipedia

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  1. I love Glee and Vampire Diaries
    Bonnie in season 2 is more powerful
    can't wait for the next season


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