23 November 2017

A Place To Live (2)

My housemate, the father with one son had left earlier this month. It was a sudden move on his part because he said he was planning to stay at least for a year, and we had just entered our 11th month since the day I signed the tenant agreement with the house lord.

I requested him to find a new tenant to replace him, but he said that that was out of the question since he was already at his hometown in Sarawak.

I asked him if he quitted his job, and he told me he was sick and now he’s undergoing treatment.

A few weeks leading to his resignation, he frequently updated his status on WhatsApp lashing out on his colleagues who accused him of using ganja. He even did urine test to prove his innocence (and he updated this all on his WhatsApp status). Me, the ever Malay ass of course think he was being sihir-ed by his colleagues.

So I posted an ad on mudah.my for his room. A few prospective tenants contacted me, but none fits the criteria I had in mind. One was an Indian lady when I specifically advertised that the room was strictly for male.

Finally a police officer who now works in KL messaged me, quite persistent since he contacted me through WhatsApp and SMS. He wanted to have a tour and I told him the room was not ready since my housemate hasn’t clear his belongings. Then he keeps digging about everything like why my housemate left, does any of you smoke, is there an aircond in the room, do I have to share bathroom, is the room fully furnished?  

It could only mean he was dead serious about the room. Even when I told him the room would not be ready before 5th of November, he kept sending me messages to ask me if I were home and if he could come.

My housemate’s brother and father came on 5th of November to pack all his stuff. I was in the bathroom when they entered the house. I was out of the bathroom door when they saw me and I greeted them and excused myself to get myself clothed.

I entered his room after I was clothed. This was the first time I get into his room to help them pack. They told me they had come a week previously to take his guitar, but nobody was home. They had used my housemate’s key to enter the house.

I asked his brother if he knows what my housemate suffers from, and he told me it was depression.

“The divorce took its toll on him. We should have known; there were signs.” The brother quite politely explained. I was half disappointed to learn that it was not black magic.

“Has the divorce been finalized?” I asked him because my housemate never properly explained his status. He didn’t even address his wife as his ex.

“Yeah, a long time ago.”

We chatted a bit. His father was a retired teacher who taught at my hometown but his wife was Sarawakian. He knows where I live after I explained the location. I asked him if he knew my late grandfather, the great Cikgu Sulaiman? And he was pleasantly surprised to know that I was his grandson.

“We are more or less the same age.” He told me in glee.

“Yeah, but he died in 1994.”

My housemate’s brother found his nephew’s toys. “This is Wafi’s.” He exclaimed. I was quite shocked to learn his nephew’s name, it was the same as my nephew’s. The boy was here once a week but I never learnt his name. His father – my housemate would take him from his ex-wife and brought him home on his offday. The boy was not afraid of me even though I never talked to him, but he was a crybaby and sometimes it disturbs me when he screamed at his father.

As they were cleaning, I noticed there was a photo album on his cupboard.

I realized moments later that it was his wedding album. It was quite a sad moment, I realized that he still hadn’t moved on.

There were a few paper slips on the cupboard as well, proof that he had undergone several treatments with some ustazs. Some receipts and a paper containing some Quranic verses with prescriptions how and when to read them.

I asked his brother if he found the aircond’s remote control, and he called my housemate. They talked in Sarawak dialect. “Sik ada, sik ada” were the only words that I understood. He said the controller was in the room, we did some excavating through his stuff but we couldn’t find it. The brother told me they would pay for the controller.

After they finished cleaning, I sent them to their car.

The prospective tenant – the police officer came later that day, just before Maghrib and he liked the room. He also liked the fact that we do not smoke.

Then he told me his wife would come a few days every month, but the wife would stay inside and won’t come out. At this point, I have no objection because it’s super hard to find a new tenant, let alone who would obey all my rules.

The Iranian did bring his girlfriend(s) home, we even found used condoms under his bed when we had to clean his room. Luckily my housemate spotted them first because me the virgin didn’t know what in the world were those or else I was going to touch them. That was when I learnt that used condoms looked like sweet wrappers.

The other housemate, the one named Fahmi also brought his wife home. This was even worse because we shared the same bathroom. His wife wouldn’t stay inside the room, using the living room and the kitchen as she sees fits. I lost count how many times I had to go out of the house because her presence made me uncomfortable.

Just like before, I studied all my options. I just want to have a proper place to live with no drama. But my bank account vehemently disagrees with me.

So there’s that.

13 November 2017


“Bad meh lah sini kejap. Kita mengaji sebelum tidur.”

Yunuss offers me the place next to him on the carry mat. He was lying under the canvas tent, hitting the sack. The air was still warm, but breeze of crisp air began to flow. 

I crawled under the tent to him, still unsure of what to make out of his invitation. 

I made myself comfortable, putting the bundle that is the sleeping bag under my head as the pillow, lying next to him.

“Surah paling panjang yang Bad hafal apa?”
Which is the longest surah that you memorized?

It was as-Sajdah. I took a month to memorise it when I was 14.

“Pernah hafal Sajdah. Tapi macam dah tak ingat.”
“Jom kita baca sama-sama” Yunuss instructed.

He started with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim – so this is it, I thought to myself. 

He began reciting the surah from memory. 

“Alif – Lam – Miim”

There was no super melodious intonation to his voice, nor does he sound like an angel, unlike those qaris you listen to on TV and on YouTube. But I could relate to this, I could feel this. 

I closed my eyes. Yunuss’ voice enshrouded the sound of the forest, the flow of the river, the insects’ call, the noise people make outside still busy with preparations for tomorrow’s hike. His voice was contenting. Lying next to him, his voice was a soothing background music, my primary acoustic stimulation. 

He nudged me with his elbow when I remained silent, to notify me to start reciting the surah together with him. There are parts where I could follow, but most are just my memories failing me. I failed to grasp the words, all the memories have faded away. A wave of embarrassment washed over me.
He finished all the 30 ayats, no hesitation. His memory was clear, crystal. 

“Lagi surah apa lagi yang Bad hafal?” he asked me after he finished reciting as-Sajdah.

“Yunuss, baca surah ar-Rahman.”


Yunuss started again, without delay. I closed my eyes again, tightly. 


Without any warning or signs, my eyes began to water.

" 'Allamal quraan"

I remember a story that I wrote once.

Ketika kecil lagi, dia sudah mempunyai surah kegemaran. Pulang dari kelas mengaji, sambil kami berjalan menelusuri jambatan di hujung kampung, dia mengumumkan kepada kami. “Aku suka sekali surah ar-Rahman.” Untuk anak-anak kecil seperti kami, pandai membaca al-Fatihah sudah memadai. Untuk menyukai, dan memahami sesebuah surah dalam al-Quran tidak langsung terjangkau oleh akal.

Tapi dia istimewa. 

“Nikmat Tuhan yang mana ingin kamu dustakan?” Dia berbicara kepada kami. “Tuhan itu betapa penyayang, sehingga nikmatnya terlalu luas. Ar-Rahman – Yang Maha Penyayang.” Dia memberi penerangan, aku mendengar antara faham dan tidak.”

The memories and my own struggle to find the correct emotions to feel this moment overwhelmed me that I could not stop myself from crying. I could not understand if this is the love of God, or if this is me being embarrassed of my own failing as a servant, but Yunuss’ recital has brought me to a point where I felt so helplessly weak. 

I never had a friend like this. I never had someone who would recite me a surah from Quran to tell me of God’s love and affection.  

With my eyes closed, the world dissolved into nothingness, aside a voice right next to me asking me again and again, which one of the Lord's favours have I denied? This voice itself, is a favour of God.

After Yunuss finished reciting the surah, Amar who just got back from the river claimed back his place on the carry mat that I lie down on. 

As I dismissed myself, Yunuss reminded - “Jangan lupa baca al-Mulk sebelum tidur.”

I got back into my own tent, now the cold air has taken over the ambience. 

I already am missing the voice reciting the Quran as I was dozing off. And for the first time in my life, I recognized God’s love to me through the tongue that loves Him. 

02 November 2017


31 Oktober 2017

8:45 – Bergerak balik dari Seri Kembangan. Telefon Mak bagitahu dah on the way. Mak terkejut sebab tak bagitahu nak balik. Ingat nak surprise dekat Mak je tahu-tahu dah sampai laman rumah. Tapi takut Mak kunci pintu takde siapa nak bukak nanti.

10:30 – sampai dekat kampung. Ketuk pintu, takde siapa menyahut. Semua dah tidur. Ingatkan dah call tadi bagitahu nak balik, pintu tak berkunci. Abah bukak pintu lepas 5 minit mengetuk. Bukak pintu je Abah pegang beg, tanya “Bawak balik buah tak?”. Allah dah teringat nak beli, tapi selalu balik rumah hari Jumaat sempat singgah dekat pasar malam beli buah. Harini balik Selasa, takde pasar malam. “Esok kita beli Bah. Harini tak sempat beli.”

Masa kecil dulu selalu berlari bila Abah balik. Selongkar beg Abah cari buah epal. Shrugs. *kesat air mata* 

11:00 – makan nasik lauk ayam goreng berlada dengan sup sawi. Masuk tidur (tak tutup lampu. In case kena kacau huhu) 

12:00 – dengar Ya bawak turun Razin. Razin macam kena kacau masa tidur, menangis teruk, meraung-raung. Ada benda mengikut balik ke? Hmm sian Razin. 

1 November 2017

8:30 – Bawak Mak pergi Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah jumpa pakar. Drop Mak dekat klinik, cari parking. Penuh sepenuh-penuhnya, orang dah parking double layer dengan dekat bahu jalan. Akhirnya jumpa dekat hujung hospital, menapak jauh nak ke klinik pakar. 

9:00 – Tunggu nombor Mak dipanggil. MA ambil bacaan darah tinggi Mak, tanya Mak dah makan belum. “Tak sempat lagi, sebab mengejar appointment ni.” MA tegur sebab tak makan.
 Mak dapat nombor 0015. MA suruh Mak duduk dekat kerusi hijau dekat dengan bilik doctor. “Tak payah jalan jauh” katanya sebab nampak Mak jalan pakai tongkat. Sambil tunggu nombor Mak naik, baca novel Arkitek Jalanan tulisan Teme Abdullah.

10:40 – nombor Mak dipanggil. Nurse nampak Mak jalan laju-laju pakai tongkat sampai termengah. “Takpe makcik. Jalan slow-slow. Doctor dah tahu tu makcik.” 

Jumpa doctor. Doctor cek hernia Mak. Mak kata takut operation sebab Mak dah tua, risiko tinggi. Doctor cek umur Mak. “61 tahun dah ya mak cik.” Doktor tanya kalau ada sakit. Mak kata takde. Doctor kata buat masa ni, tak payah operation lagi sebab takde simptom, tapi in case ada masalah buang besar atau loya-loya, bagitahu cepat-cepat. Mak tanya kenapa perempuan pun kena hernia? 

Doktor kata mungkin sebab banyak lahirkan anak, jadi otot jadi lemah. Bila otot lemah, usus tu terkeluar. Next appointment untuk hernia 2 Mei 2018, lagi 6 bulan. 

11:00 – bawak Mak makan nasik ayam dekat kantin hospital. Mak suruh call Ya, suruh Abah bersiap, hari ni orang yang menoreh kebun Abah jual getah. Nak pergi ambil duit.

Bergerak dari hospital. Mak mintak singgah farmasi dekat klinik nak ambil stok ubat Abah. Semalam Ya tak sempat ambil sebab kereta kancil rosak. Sampai dekat farmasi, letak slip dalam bakul. Bagitahu dekat pegawai farmasi tu nak ambil ubat petang ni. Letak slip ni dulu. Dia kata OK, datang sebelum pukul 5. 

Mak minta hantar jam ke kedai nak repair. Jarum jam tak bergerak sebab tersangkut dekat hiasan dalam jam tu. Hiasan tu tertanggal. Uncle tu kata 30 minit, caj RM5. 

Isi minyak RM20 sebab lampu dah kelip-kelip. Mintak Mak RM15 sebab dah takde duit dalam tangan nak isi minyak.

12:40 – sampai rumah ambil Abah. Tiba-tiba Ya nak ikut sekali. Bawak sekali Ya dengan Razin. 

1:00 – sampai rumah orang yang menoreh getah Abah. Ambil duit dekat isterinya, dalam RM212. Anak-anaknya ramai, 10 orang. Isterinya orang Siam. Bila nampak kereta masuk dalam halaman rumah, anaknya berteriak “MAK! ADA ORANG DATANG!”

1:30 – tengok rumah baru Abengah dekat Galok. Baru siap. Pintu depan tak berkunci, pintu belakang terbukak. Tingkap dekat sink pun terbukak. Abah bising sebab rumah tu biar kosong, takut orang pecah masuk curi kipas siling/lampu etc. Otw balik Abah ajak makan nasik ayam dekat Seberang Temerloh, tapi nak lalu Kuala Krau. Jauh pusing. 

2:00 – Singgah Petron dulu, isi minyak lagi RM45. Yang isi pagi tadi dah habis. Makan nasik ayam. Tapau sebungkus untuk La. Abah komplen ayamnya dah kecik. Nasik pun sikit. Dulu banyak. Nasik ayam ni Abah belanja sebab dah dapat duit menoreh getah hehe

3:00 – Ambil jam Mak dekat kedai. Uncle tu bagitahu jangan kena air, takut gam tu tertanggal nanti perhiasan tu tercabut balik. Ambil ubat Abah dekat farmasi, stok sebulan. Pergi bayar bil TM, elektrik dengan bil air rumah Abengah dekat pejabat pos.

3:30 – singgah rumah La hantar nasik ayam. Jumpa Wafiy dengan Wazir. Wafiy excited tunjuk game Boboiboy dekat iPad. Wazir nak mintak berdukung, selama ni tak pernah-pernah nak dekat. Tiba-tiba je mesra. La kata Wazir dah kenal orang. Dulu menangis je sebab takut. Makan kek coklat kukus La buat. La goreng keropok keping. Sempat lelap sekejap, kepenatan. 

5:00 – gerak dari rumah La ke Mentakab. Abah nak buah. Sampai pasar malam beli buah mata kucing 2kg dengan mangga 2kg. Beli sekali nangka muda untuk buat gulai dengan 5 papan petai.

5:50 – sampai rumah Cik Abang hantar buah mata kucing dengan mangga, jumpa Mia, Aha, Akram, Abror dengan si kecik Am. Masuk je Abror teriak “acong! Acong!” sambil tunjuk iPad dia. Dia tengah tengok video YouTube dengan Akram. Video hantu pocong lol

6:14 – sampai rumah akhirnya selepas seharian berjalan. Keletihan. Nak tidur kejap sementara tunggu Abah dengan Ya masak makan malam. Tapi si Razin menangis pulak taknak duduk dalam buai, nak berdukung. Bawak si kecik tu berdukung sambil berjalan-jalan satu rumah, baru diam. 

8:00 – makan malam. Siap nak balik.

8:30 – lepas solat Isyak terus bergerak. Letak 4 guni sampah atas bonet nak buang dekat tong sampah besar tepi lebuh. Tengah-tengah jalan dengar ada bunyi jatuh. Sampai dekat tong sampah tinggal 3 je karung sampah tu lol

9:00 – jem teruk nak masuk tol highway LPT. Rupanya ada orang tengah repair jalan

11:15 – call Mak. Dah sampai Seri Kembangan.


Bila parents dah tua dan kita dah dewasa, semua dah jadi terbalik. Dulu kita mintak Mak dengan Abah buat semua, sekarang ni Mak Abah kena mintak tolong kita. Jalan kena berpimpin, nak pergi klinik kena berteman, dah tak boleh drive sendiri. Allah, betapa sayu rasa kadang bila tengok Mak tak larat berjalan. Abah kalau berjalan sorang pun boleh hilang imbangan nak terjatuh. 

Bila kadang-kadang balik kampung, kembali ke tempat asal segalanya bermula. Melihat orang yang berbeza kehidupan dari kita – mak cik yang menjual hasil kampung tuaian sendiri di pasar malam, isteri penoreh getah yang beranak sepuluh yang tinggal di sebuah rumah kayu, rasa terpukul untuk merasa rendah diri. “Aku bermula dari sini.”

(Pernah baca orang tweet, bunyinya lebih kurang begini. Orang bandar selalu marah orang kampung bila kerajaan menang pilihanraya. Tapi orang bandar tak pernah nak faham struggle sebenar orang kampung. Orang kampung kerisauan dia bukan pada kenaikan harga tol, harga rumah, kesesakan trafik, public transport. Struggle orang kampung adalah basic –  esok nak bagi anak makan apa? Nak hidup sampai minggu depan macam mana? Kalau hujan esok macam mana nak menoreh getah? Tak menoreh getah takde duit. Macam mana nak fikir tentang hal lebih besar kalau benda basic pun orang kampung takde. Wallahualam.) 

(P/S: sorry for the political rant in the end. I think it was too thought provoking to be left out and it crossed my mind the whole time I was writing.) 

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal

19 October 2017


Assalamualaikum dan hai-yee!

Disebabkan tiba-tiba je entry tahun lepas naik semula tahun ni berkenaan dengan kisah mistik dari gunung dan mendapat sambutan hangat hewhew #perasan (thanks but no thanks FB memories  ), saya pun decide nak buat sambungan kepada bahagian pertama.

(Klik sini untuk bahagian pertama)

Dalam entry yang lepas, pengalaman mistik terakhir ialah sewaktu trip ke Bukit Berekeh.
Lepas balik dari Berekeh, ada beberapa trip lain yang saya join. 

Salah satunya gunung G7 saya yang kedua dan ketiga, Korbu dan Gayong, atau nama manjanya, KorGa di Perak.

Masa dioffer untuk join panjat KorGa tu, takdelah terfikir akan berlaku benda-benda mistik. Tapi ada juga terbaca dekat Google pasal kes-kes misteri dekat KorGa – kes kematian, kehilangan etc etc. Pernah jugak dengar Amar cerita pengalaman peribadi dia dekat KorGa. Tapi biasalah, ketegaq nak jugak pergi haha

Berdasarkan tentatif kami untuk 3 hari 2 malam, hari kedua kami akan mendaki puncak Korbu, seterusnya Gayong, dan kembali ke puncak Korbu sebelum turun kembali ke campsite di Kem Kijang, semuanya dalam tempoh kurang lebih 15 jam. Perjalanan hari kedua dari mula mendaki sehingga selamat sampai di kem dijangka akan tamat pukul 9 malam. 

Mula terbaca tentatif tu memang dah rasa hayoo kenapa sampai malam lagi. Tak cukup ke dekat YYBTN berjalan sampai tengah malam dalam hutan huhuhu

Kalau ikut tentatif YYBTN yang sepatutnya sampai kem pukul 6 petang pun kami lewat 6 jam sampai 12 malam. Yang ni dijangka tamat pukul 9 agak-agak pukul berapalah sampai kem. Tapi sebab dah bayar daftar apa semua, tak kan nak tarik diri kan. 

Waktu hari kedua, kami sampai puncak Korbu lebih kurang pukul 12 tengahari, sampai Gayong pukul 3.00 petang, dan kembali semula ke puncak Korbu pukul 6 lebih dah dekat pukul 7. Sewaktu dalam perjalanan dari Gayong kembali ke Korbu, kami terserempak dengan ahli-ahli kumpulan yang baru nak naik ke Gayong. Guide kami mula tak bagi deorang terus ke Gayong, dia mintak ahli-ahli kami ni patah balik.

Tapi sebab deorang still bersemangat nak sampai ke puncak Gayong, almaklumlah sekali aja seumur hidup begitu, mereka pun teruskan lagi ke Gayong sedangkan kami dah patah semula ke Korbu. 

Jadi perjalanan kami nak turun semua ke kem melalui Chuban yang pacak namatey nokhalal tu memang tengah-tengah waktu Maghrib. Saya ni almaklumlah, hati dah tak tenang dalam kepala dok terfikir please lah sampai Kem Kijang cepat. Please lah at least sekitar waktu Isyak. Tak mahu lama-lama dalam hutan. 

Masa tu kami bertiga je. Saya, Wardy, dengan abang guide. Kami berhenti waktu Maghrib sekejap dekat puncak Chuban. Dalam keadaan baju hujan yang saya pakai dah compang camping dicarik ranting-ranting pokok, peha melecet dan matahari dah terbenam, kami teruskan perjalanan ke puncak Botak.

Masa tu headlamp di kepala, nampak dari puncak Botak ada orang menyuluh-nyuluh ke arah kami. Masa tu tahulah kawan-kawan kami yang awal ada beberapa orang dekat Botak. Tapi bila sampai ke Botak je, deorang dah takde. Deorang dah terus berjalan turun ke Last Water Point. 

Kami berehat sekejap dekat sini. Abang guide dah mula membebel sebab budak-budak tu taknak patah balik. Kami yang kira awal pun dah dekat Isyak baru dekat Botak, yang dekat belakang tu entah bila nak balik ke kem. Anggaran kami dengan orang belakang selang masa dalam 2 jam.

Lepas berehat sekejap, kami terus lagi berjalan bertiga. Abang guide dekat depan, saya dekat tengah, Wardy di belakang. Wardy disebabkan ni gunung pertama dia dah terus gunung G7, mungkin sebab dia tak biasa, lutut dia dah sakit. 

Bila sampai ke Last Water Point, guide kami tanya kalau kami lapar. Saya dengan Wardy dua-dua kata kami tak lapar, kami lagi tazabar nak balik ke kem. Dekat kem nanti baru fikir makan.
Rupanya abang guide tanya sebab dia nak ajak kami stay dekat Last Water Point tu. Dia kata hati dia tak sedap, dia nak tunggu orang belakang jugak.

Saya dengan Wardy nak membantah tu tidaklah. Jadi kami berdua terus baring dekat situ, tidur. Saya baring terus atas tanah walaupun sejuk gila sebab badan dah penat. Lapar, dahaga semua ada. Wardy bersandar dekat batu. 

Waktu tulah saya mimpi ada lelaki datang. Beberapa kali dia datang dari dalam semak ke arah kami. Dia senyum.

Tiba-tiba saya terjaga sebab ada orang tepuk bahu kiri. Saya ingatkan Wardy tepuk, tapi bila saya bangun saya nampak Wardy jauh. Tengah tidur nyenyak pulak tu. 

Belah kanan saya dekat seberang denai, abang guide tengah tidur. Jadi tak mungkin deorang yang tepuk bahu saya.

Saya pun sambung tidur, dalam hati rasa geram jugak sebab nak balik kem. Taknak tidur sini huhuhu
Sekali lagi, ada orang tolak bahu dari belakang. Haish, gurau kasar nampak. Saya pun bangun, terduduk. Kalau sekali mungkin perasaan, kalau dua kali faham-fahamlah.

Nampak Wardy dengan abang guide tidur, saya tak sampai hati nak kejutkan. 

Waktu tu dari bawah lereng dekat denai pendakian, saya nampak ada cahaya, kecil macam kelip-kelip. Tapi dia tak macam kelip-kelip sebab dia tak berkerdip, cahaya dia constant je. Dia mengikut je denai tu naik ke atas. Berkali-kali saya tengok nak pastikan benda tu terbang dan bukan headlamp atau torchlight. Kalau headlamp, siapa yang nak panjat Korbu tengah malam ni? 

Masa tu macam-macam saya fikir. Kalau binatang, kenapa dia kena ikut denai manusia? Dia boleh je terbang ikut semak, off track kan? Kenapa dia terbang menuju puncak? Apa yang binatang ni buat malam-malam terbang ke puncak Korbu? 

Sampailah cahaya tu lalu dekat kami, terus naik ke atas melewati kami. Saya diam je waktu tu, benda pelik jangan ditegur. Masa dia lalu tu, saya sorang je yang terjaga. 

Tak lama lepas tu, abang guide bangun kejutkan kami. Dalam sejam jugak kami berhenti dekat sini. Dia ajak kami turun, sebab katanya dah tak tahan sejuk. Memang sejuk gila weh waktu tu, dengan perut lapar rasa nak termuntah perut masuk angin semua. 

Bila nak turun semula, sebab Wardy sakit kaki, abang guide suruh saya jalan belakang sekali. Wuuu nak nanges rasanya. Mental koyak habis waktu tu, dalam hutan yang gelap gila, takde manusia, dok fikir aku dahlah baru je kena kacau. Kau suruh aku dok belakang. Kalau aku hilang ke apa ke, mesti korang tak perasan kan huhu. Tapi tak tergamak pulak nak cerita saya baru lepas kena kacau, kata orang benda pelik jangan cerita. Dah keluar hutan baru boleh bukak cerita. 

Alhamdulillah, balik tu dah takde apa sampailah kami tiba dekat Kem Kijang dalam pukul 12 malam, semua orang dah tidur. Besok tu, Wardy bagitau dekat saya, time kami tidur dekat Last Water Point tu dia mimpi ada orang datang dekat dia bagi makanan. Saya diam jelah waktu tu. Entah-entah kami mimpi lelaki yang sama huhu 

Pasal cahaya yang saya nampak tu sampai sekarang saya tak pasti benda apa. Dan kalau dia serangga, kenapa dia kena lalu jalan manusia? Kenapa dia kena mendaki ke puncak waktu tu? 

White Water Rafting

Bulan Disember, sebulan lepas mendaki KorGa, saya kembali menyertai GEMA Selangor Backpackerz menyertai aktiviti White Water Rafting (WWR) dekat Sungai Slim, Perak. Yeay! (lol. Tibaah)

Sebab aktiviti kali ni takdelah bermalam atau melibatkan trekking dalam hutan, saya memang totally tak menjangka apa-apa benda pelik berlaku.

Sepanjang program, alhamdulillah, kami cuma menyusur sungai dan takde benda yang pelik-pelik pun berlaku. 

Bila balik pun, takde apa yang berlaku. Malam tu pun takde apa-apa berlaku. Tidur nyenyak je.
Tapi esok malamnya ada berlaku sesuatu...

Waktu tidur, saya bermimpi. Dalam mimpi tu saya tengah menyusur Sungai Slim tu sorang-sorang. Waktu tu hari cerah, sama macam waktu kami menyusur sungai tu sehari sebelumnya. Tapi kali ni langsung takde orang. Saya sorang je. Bunyi sunyi. 

Waktu tu saya berdiri atas rakit. Daripada rakit tu, saya nampak dekat dalam hutan ada benda berkelubung putih berjalan mengikut rakit yang saya naik. Rupa dia sebijik macam anggota Ku Klux Klan. Tapi dia tak berjalan, dia menyusup tengah-tengah pokok. Bila rakit saya laju, dia laju. Bila rakit perlahan, dia perlahan. 

 Ginilah rupa makhluk kelubung putih tu

Tiba-tiba rakit saya bergerak dari tengah sungai ke tebing, dan pada waktu yang sama, lembaga berkelubung putih tu pun bergerak dari tengah hutan ke tebing sungai. Dan bila rakit saya tu sampai je ke tebing, saya bertembung dengan lembaga berkelubung tu. Saya terus terjaga.

Bila terjaga ke alam nyata tu, saya terus kena tindih. Tak boleh bergerak. Allah! Makhluk dari mana ni.

Saya baca ayat kursi dalam hati, bergelut dengan makhluk tu. Rasa macam dia cucuk-cucuk belikat saya dekat belakang. Lepas habis baca ayat Kursi, benda tu pun pergi. Tengok jam dekat dinding, tepat pukul 5 pagi. Ada ke benda mengikut dari Slim River tu – saya dok fikir sendiri. 

Haish. Trip yang tak hardcore, tak masuk hutan sangat pun boleh terkena. Apalah nasib. 

Tapi lepas beberapa kali terkena lepas balik rumah, saya rasa terkena sebab badan terlalu penat dan fikiran kita masih melayang terfikir pasal hutan. Itu yang mimpi pun bukan-bukan. Kalau ada gangguan, mungkin benda yang bukan dari hutan tu ambil kesempatan mengganggu time badan kita terlalu letih. #teorisendiri

Apapun, actually taklah semua kali masa pergi trip saya kena kacau. Tapi bila kena tu, mesti rasa macam tobat taknak dah pergi next trip. Tapi bila orang ajak join, tetiba terlupa semua pengalaman pahit, nak ikut jugak hahaha

Wallahualam. So far itu jelah cerita mistik yang saya nak cerita. Takdelah mistik sangat kan compare dengan pengalaman orang lain, tapi itulah yang buat saya bersyukur (mungkin jugak tak mitik pun hewhew). 

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! Kalau ada pengalaman mistik lagi (mintak simpang!) nanti saya update part 3 pulak bahahaha!

Assalamualaikum dan byeee!

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