23 February 2011

3 vs 1

You might laugh at me for hating these three things, but my stand is very clear. I, for one, hate these following entertainment things:

1 – Karaoke
2 – Cinema
3 – Bowling

Give me a break, will you? FIrst of all, I don’t like karaoke not because I hate to sing, but due to the fact that karaoke boxes are so not private! If I sing, I have to make sure those people from adjacent cubes won’t look at me by standing at strategic location or by simply sitting down. Sometimes I just ignore them, especially when I really wanted to sing, but still, I never felt comfortable enough to sing anyway. So OFF WITH KARAOKE!!!

Secondly, going to cinema is another challenge for me. Look, I know it’s fun and stuffs, but I have this trouble of feeling nauseous and panicked halfway through the movie. Usually, I felt like I have something important to do that makes me feel like storming out of the dark theater. Like 2 hours being trapped doing nothing, and u suddenly reminisce the clothes u haven't washed, the assignments u need to submit...oh, please! i need to get outta here! i still haven't wash my stockings! and u feel like unsettled just sitting there for the period. and sometimes watching the movie in a closed space with a deaf-ing magnitude of noise could do enough to make me nervous. You know, when the beat strums ur heart exactly at the same tempo. It is so disturbing. Malays say 'nak gugur jantung'! Plus, why do you have to pay RM10 ++ just to watch something that you can download freely with an extra HD view? So, STRUCK OUT THE MOVIE!

Third, I never knew why people loved to play bowling. I mean, it doesn’t fun at all, when like people watching you all over. The focus is just on you. Well for attention-whore and publicity-monger, it is not a big deal. In fact, it’s a BIG chance to expose yourself. And when you hit the pins, then came the thundering applause. That’s the point of the game anyway. You do something, and people will scream. I think people bowl just because they want to attract people, and sometimes to feel something that made them feel civilised. Imagine, say, we have a Batu Seremban arena where people can play Batu Seremban, will these people come and play? Because bowling is so urban, they think they should do it like their favourite pastime. Poor Malaysians. Identity theft perhaps?

Oh yes I know dear readers, u have ur own arguments justifying your craze for those stuffs, but please leave me alone. I know it’s fun, but those things surely are not meant for me.

But one thing for sure that I’d love so much is reading! I can finish a 600-pages book in a couple of days, and many more books with less thickness in just one night. It is really my passion. Sometimes books convey emotions better than movies, whereby you can savour a scene in the book for a long time and u might not be able to proceed to another scene for awe or too emotional to continue reading. Books are simply powerful!
So friends, next time u planning to bring me out, just bring me to eat at some eateries to not making me bored. I love food also.  And also because like I stated above; the 3 entertainment things that could strike my heart to death. And for my birthday, just give me some books from Oprah’s Club, and it would make a good birthday gift for me!

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  1. Cinema? I don't know. I just join my friends just to make them happy. I don't really take port in that.

    Reading? Yeah baby. I do like it~ I can finish Haryy Potter by a week just for my bedtime story~


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