23 February 2011

Craving for MORE!!

My friend, Hafiz, asked me why I didn’t write in English. I just told him I’m not prepared yet. And what embarrasses me most is grammar error. Sometimes I could not even recognize my own error. And I also do not want people from all over the world understand what I write. Sometimes I just hope that very little could understand my blog, because it was like my own private diary. So I’d like to keep as little readers circle as possible so I will not be too embarrassed.

Well but now, things have changed. I think I need more readers. From the whole world. Like, lots and lots more! This is after all, might be the only chance for me to communicate with some people that might won’t have the chance to know me. Might be the only chance to breakthrough my comfort zone ring.
Maybe. Just maybe. Let’s hope and pray!

1 comment:
Write curses
  1. That's damn right! I like it. Just don't try to mix it. Don't worry about the grammar cuz google is always there for you... :D


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