07 March 2011

AYAM: Malaysian Youtube Stars



Hey y’all! Familiar with those faces? Yes, they are the new generation of Malaysian entertainers ! Say hello to these YouTube Stars: Maria Elena, Mat Lutfi, Anwar Hadi, and last but not least; Cikgu Syida! 

These four people were newly discovered on YouTube (I mean, I had newly discovered them on YouTube..)and they had stolen thousands of Malaysian hearts. My entry today would be about these four people who had their lives  changed by YouTube. 

They had went from ordinary to extraordinary; shot to stardom just by posting their homemade vids to YouTube. They even have their own fan page and followers by now. Let’s get to know them better! Oh and btw, AYAM is a term I lend from Anwar Hadi. He has a dream to create a society called Angkatan Youtubers Anak Malaysia. Haha! Goodluck for you!


“Ah, malu la u ni!”

Who is she: An English tutor from KL. She attended SMKDU for secondary education. Fan of Tajima hijab (the kind of tudung she wears in her videos).

YouTube breakthrough: Was born on December 1987. She had her blog far earlier before her first video on YouTube. First time looking at her, people could tell that she is not some of your ordinary next-door girl. Loved for her miming videos, some of them were inspired by Cikgu Syida, and also her funny streak of expressing opinions.

What’s more: She plays guitar and sings.

“Tolong ingatkan aku..eh, macam lagu Ana Rafali..”

Favourite quote: “Assalamualaikum….kom apa, kombat, bat apa, batman, man apa, man, I’ve just made a video! ()o()”


“Betoi ka saya dah feymes?”
Who is he: Was born in 1990. Currently in Perth, studying in Curtin University. An ordinary guy from Kedah. Attended SMK Kota Kuala Kangsar from 2003 until 2005, before pursuing his upper forms in SBPI Kubang Pasu. Fan of Hujan.

YouTube breakthrough: His first video was a video he made with his friends while in school; uploaded in 2007. They called themselves OAG SBPIKP. His first famous video however, which introduced him to the fans was the video for Mother’s Day 2010. Who could forget the guy that speaks English with some Kedah accent? His video are mostly expressing opinions; most of them presented in sketches and short drama. Oh, and he is very funny! Only by looking at his body language will make people laugh.

What’s more: He can really act. Had tried many characters; and sometimes acts as woman; as in typical local film/drama scenes.

pompan mat
“Mak I yang mengandungkan I, daddy I yang bagi I duit..”

Favourite quote: “Aku taula, jenih muka tak semayang!”


“You, I babab kang!”

Who is he: His full name is Noor Anwar Hadi. Also calls himself as anak pakman. Raised up in different places. First stayed in Kelantan until he was 6 years old, before moving to New Zealand when his father pursued studies there. Came back to Malaysia when he was 8, and stayed in Kedah until today. Currently in Australia pursuing TESL degree.

YouTube breakthrough: First video was a simple video of which he introduces himself. Soon afterwards, he produced videos that conveys his mature opinions on issues in childish expressions. Loved for his editing quality, and his fluent English. Like Mat Lutfi, also from Kedah and sometimes he produces videos in Kedah accent.

What’s more: Also fan of Hujan, like Mat Lutfi. Hm, both have many similarities!

Favourite quote: “In case you didn’t know, I tried to post every Sunday!”


“Sapa nak kutuk aku, meh tengok muka aku waktu miming dulu!”

Who is she: An English teacher from Parit, Perak. She receives a wide spectrum of responses when she first uploaded her videos. Many people claimed that a teacher shouldn’t act like her. However,instead of rupturing her career, the bad reviews only pushed her further to fame. She also uses her videos as a teaching tool for her students. She taught her students to feel confident of themselves and not to feel shy to express their true nature.

YouTube breakthrough: Her videos are like contagious disease. Cannot be avoided at all and spread very fast! People will always remember her dancing to Waka Waka and her own version of Maher Zain! 

What’s more: Was invited to a talk show and she performed her miming of Kalau Berpacaran!

“Aku rasa Maher Zain mesti nak tiru imej aku pasni!”

Favourite quote: “Ada aku main telor bapak kau ke?!”  (*update: She's dead in Vlog world after a bashing from Aidid Muadib)

That’s all dudes. Till we meet next time ya!

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  1. Very detailed explanation there you have. Any link about their blog, fan page, youtube page, or anything? At least I too wanna know how funny Cikgu Shida was! LOL.

  2. hmmm..too lazy to give their links away..hahaha! search them yourselves for the links!
    Qin2 : press the like button then, or better yet, kindly click share button on top left..hehe

  3. FYI, maria elena budak UTP taw..haha..

  4. o yeke? thx for da info nasri..hehe

  5. ada ke sekolah smk kota kuala kangsar?

  6. Hort: malas nak letak link deorg..nanti naik la trafik deorg..hahaha!

    Ladida: saya pun x sure...xde ke?

  7. luthfi ambil course apa eik ? tahu ? hehe ((:

  8. lutfi ambil course architecture dari video yang terbaru dia post...


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