06 March 2011

Explorers of Life: UPM Newbies

University life had started for me; 5 semesters ago. I was disappointed for not having my course of choice; but I was still grateful nevertheless. My journey had begun in a new chapter of life; and it was up to me to celebrate the colours of my own decision and savouring the tastes of a new beginning.

It was very fun exploring things I had never known before. The first day I went to class, I didn’t know which bus should I take to get back to college. I took twice Serumpun bus; and the second time I took the bus, I went down from the bus and walked from K13 to my college. Oh, did I mention I was having a fever at that time? Yes! The night before, we were having practices for Malam Tunas Budaya.

I had to stay up late  to write the script. I woke up feeling very weak, but I had to go to class. It was my first class ever in University, I couldn’t afford to absent from the class! I felt very sick, and consider that I have to take a tour round UPM twice while my head was burning with fever before I could get back to have a rest!

We also had trouble in finding the class. UPM is so big; how should we know which room or lecture hall our class is at? How do we know where is DKAP, where is FPAS, and where is BHEP? Yes, we were provided with map, but the map sure looked very perplexing! We reached the class however, like 40 minutes before the class started. We went very early in case we got lost. Very funny! Oh, and my first class ever in UPM was Men and Environment. Will always remember that. Smile

Next, which extra curricular program should we take? The choices available were so plenty, and I simply could not decide. I didn’t know what factors should we take into consideration when choosing one. For instance, if I was to take Bakti Siswa, which group do I have to choose? And why? Which time is the best? Morning, afternoon, evening or night? Lastly I took archery for my first ever koko.

And since the class were held in morning and evening, I chose the evening class. So I would have much time to take bus to the stadium.

And also there were many clubs with no credit hours, such as AIESEC, Golden Key, al-Biruni and such. At college level, we have HRAT, Kelab Warisan etc etc. I wondered which club should we join? And is it compulsory to join at least one?

First time buying the food in foodcourt, I took very little of vegetables and some crab balls, and I was charged RM4. I felt like screaming. It was so expensive! Back in matric, I had never eaten anything priced more than RM2.80!

But luckily we have that Holy Grail of card. The Meal Plan Card! Which literally speaks a semester worth of food.

Speaking of Meal Plan, I thought you can buy every food with that thing. Including every kiosk and coop throughout UPM. I even asked “Boleh tak bayar guna Meal Plan?” while I was buying some junk food in FEM’s kiosk. And I was lucky that that mamak didn’t humiliate me.

The first time I went to MINES, my friend from UKM came and accompanied me. We both had never been to MINES, and we took that goddammit boat to get into the mall! We had to pay RM3 per head for one trip. And what’s more, we also got out of the mall by the same way! Which means to simply enter and exit the MINES, we spent RM6 per head for one visit! Such nonsense!

Mind you, the second time was not getting better. I was with my coursemate, and we took UPM commuter bus. Instead of going down at Serdang commuter station, we stayed on the bus until the driver asked us to get down at South City Plaza. He said that it was the bus last stop. Imagine, we had to walk from South City Plaza to MINES passing the busy traffic and roads under the hot sun! What funnier more, was we still couldn’t find the entrance to the MINES.

We asked some guy, and after we asked him, only then we knew that he was Indonesian, and he answered “Oh, mines. Kamu ingin ke mines ya?” When I typed ‘mines’ he literally said it. Instead of ‘mains’ as we all pronounce the ‘MINES’, he said ‘mines’. He took the spelling too seriously!

I think that’s all dudes for this entry. We had at times difficulties in adapting to a new environment, but the process itself could be fun and memorable. With that, I want to conclude that, we should not be fear of the paths before us. We will always explore more things in life, more ‘new beginning’s, more new places.

Just believe in yourself, and more often than not, your friends, to take new challenges and to create new experiences together. After all, life is too short to be curious and to never take the first step.

Chow, and good luck!

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