15 April 2011


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Disclaimer: This entry is quite offensive to those who have issues with Religion vs Science subject.
Peeps. Do you know who’s this guy called Obefiend? If any of you never heard of him, let’s start with the introduction. Since I have no intention to cover his private life, I will only discuss things that I’d know of him on the surface.

He is a blogger, which I definitely admire. He has this sharp point of view, very cynical and wise. His words made people think deeply and finally realized that they had a thing inside their heads called ‘the brain’. He is currently very popular with his Blog Serius, of which many of my friends viewed daily. Blog Serius contains many facts and pictures that people are able to indulge in and enjoy. 

If he is that good, why should I put such title right? Well, after viewing one of his post in Freedom of Association, I realised that something is not right. The post is actually published on 25th April 2010, which is more or less one year ago. And to be frank, it was quite too late when I read the entry (I’ve just read the entry earlier tonight), but due to some cumulative unease that I felt due to viewing his many other ‘moderate’ posts regarding religion (especially Islam), I think it is my responsibility to criticise some of his views that might endangering the faith of his fellow readers.

Nope, I’m not playing an ustaz or holier-than-thou card here (like how Obefiend and his fellow bloggers claim), just feeling that I have this responsibility to correct some flaws happening in my religion. Basically, not the teachings of the religion, but how the followers of the religion is jeopardising the name of their very own religion. I know, we have many issues to tackle regarding our religion and Muslim society right now, but I think this issue caught my attention the most because I am also a blogger, and I also think that we have lots of things in common, except that he tends to view things quite more liberate-ly than I do.

The entry title is Teori Evolusi – Simplified Argument Edition. For starter,The Evolution Theory is a theory that had caused dispute among the pro-creationism (read: believers in God) and the pro-evolutionism.
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in saying that evolution does exist, but denying the power of God in creating things is unacceptable. And for some scientists themselves, they did not conclude that evolution is disproving the existence of God. In fact, evolution theory, for them, does not proving; or disproving the existence of God.

Well in Obefiend’s case, the most disturbing argument he had made was ‘the origin of humans is apes.
Let’s then go through Obefiend’s arguments in his post.

Fullscreen capture 15042011 14333

As a science student, yes, we all agree with this theory. Given the right condition, many things can change their form from one to another. Simple example, water. Given the right heat and atmospheric pressure, water can change to vapour. Next:


This is also true. Yes, the same element, but different forms and characteristics.


OK, stop it right there Obe! OMG, you had just made a fool of yourself! OK, the main thing wrong about his argument here is how he compared the transformation of elements in nature with the transformation of living beings.

For all I concern, the fossil changes to petroleum is rather an easy process, but time consuming. The only things needed in this process are pressure and temperature. What happened was quite a simple process. The remains of dead living beings are trapped under layers of sediment on the ocean floor, and the sediments become thicker by time. The thickening of sediment then exerts pressure and temperature to the decaying materials, for millions of years, and they finally transformed into petroleum.

Simply put, just a process of cooking with a pressure cooker. After a while, your chicken changed form into something edible.

For graphite and diamond, is also the same. The process is much simpler, they even replicate the process in lab, where they change human body, which is carbon rich; into diamond. Don’t believe me? Try this link. The only structure change in this process is the 2D configuration of bonds in graphite into a strong 3D configuration in diamond. This is very simple, since the same element is retained, and the element is carbon, and only carbon, that undergoes changes in just a bonding.

That is the most basic concept in the transformation of graphite into diamond. Just change one aspect, and you’ll be rich.

So then, why comparing these transformations with chimpanzee-human evolution is wrong?

Firstly, evolution is very complex. Very complex that comparing evolution with carbon transformation is underrated and unfair. It’s like comparing an engineer making a kite with a kid inventing a computer. Making a kite is very simple, especially by an engineer, but can we say the same to inventing a computer, let alone by a kid? There are many aspects in evolution that is not comparable to carbon transformation or petroleum transformation, and to start with, let’s consider DNA structure. DNA is very specific and unique, and also complex, that the structure is impossible  created by nature, or simply changed by nature. 

What is DNA? Going through this topic itself, makes people feeling like throwing out. It consists of two long chains or double helix as they called, and consists of nucleotides as the basic unit. What is nucleotides? It is made of a sugar molecule and phosphate, which are joined by ester bond. And DNA could not exist without nothing, it must be exist within an organelle, which in eukaryotic cells, it exist in nucleus and some other organelles, while for prokaryotic cells, they exist in cytoplasm. 

Now, first of all, to pro-evolutionism, how can you explain that the DNA happened to create by itself? Because to make a DNA is not easy. You have to have the right temperature, the right material and many other factors to make one. You have to make the sugar, the phosphate. The bonds. How in the world the sugar and phosphate can bond themselves, started to queue in a two long sequences consists of thousands, no, millions of nucleotides? How can the nature prepare such conditions? How can nature decide what sequence should it do, what nucleotide should start the sequence and what nucleotide should end it?

And what perplexing more, after the sequence is completed, which in this case, all by itself, suddenly a living thing is alive? Suddenly after nature completed the DNA sequence, the nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, chloroplast, mitochondria, and other organelles that come from nowhere surround and protect the DNA. And suddenly the now-call cell is able to take oxygen, giving out carbon dioxide, find its food to eat, digest its food. What? How come?

615px-DNA_Structure Key Labelled
Tell me how nature can decide a DNA structure. Please do tell!

I also came across this quote that I think worth mentioning:

"If you took all the carbon in the universe and put it on the face of the earth, allowed it to chemically react at the most rapid rate possible, and left it for a billion years, the odds of creating just one functional protein molecule would be one chance in a 10 with 60 zeros after it. In other words, the odds for all practical purposes are zero. That's why even though some people who aren't educated in [molecular science and DNA research] still believe life emerged by chance, scientists simple don't believe it anymore."
        Walter L. Bradley, The Mystery of Life's Origin

See? Then how come nature can give rise to a DNA structure? Just HOW?

And even if nature can create DNA, how in the world suddenly they have nucleus to put the DNA in? Hm, did the DNA create the nucleus itself, because the materials for making a nucleus is not the same as making a DNA. Unlike petroleum, DNA was never found to be transforming from other life forms, because it is the start of life itself.

And DNA does not happen to have no function. It has a very important function in giving the right code for the production of protein. In particular, how come nature could decide to create something so functional and complex, all by itself? To cut it short, to claim that nature created DNA, one must also claim that nature had been able to create, say, a refrigerator. Because trust me, making a DNA is harder than creating a MacBook.

Until now, human beings had never been able to figure out how DNA was created by nature. Do you have the answer Obe? If nature can create something as complex as DNA, surely it can create a refrigerator right? Yes, given some time, I’m sure nature can. (Tangan di bahu, mata ke atas)

But that is totally unfair since that is not what Obe had claimed. He did not claim that we all come from a single cell, as I had highlighted above. He only claimed that our ancestors are monkeys. Nevertheless, that shows how unfounded the theory of evolution is. They cannot even prove that DNA is able to create by itself in nature, and suddenly gives rise to our single cell ancestor. Let’s have a look on Obe’s claim then:

Undeniable connection?

Obe, did you forget what your God had said in His holy Qur’an?

Al-Baqarah, ayat 65:

"And certainly you have known those among you who transgressed in (the matter of) the Sabbath. So, We said to them, "Become apes, living in disgrace!'

“Dan sesungguhnya kamu mengetahui bagaimana buruknya akibat orang di antara kamu yang melanggar larangan pada hari Sabtu, lalu Kami berkata kepada mereka: Jadilah kamu kera yang hina.”

Al-A’raf, ayat 166:

“So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be apes, despised."”

“maka ketika mereka bersikap sombong terhadap apa yang mereka dilarang mengerjakannya, Kami katakan kepada mereka : “Jadilah kamu kera yang hina””

Al-Maidah, ayat 60:

Say (to the people of the Scripture): "Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys and swines, those who worshiped Taghut (false deities); such are worse in rank (on the Day of Resurrection in the Hell¬ fire), and far more astray from the Right Path (in the life of this world)."

“Katakanlah mahukan aku khabarkan kepada kamu tentang perkara yang lebih buruk balasannya di sisi Allah daripada yang demikian itu? Ialah orang yang dilaknat oleh Allah dan dimurkaiNya dan ada di antara mereka dijadikan kera dan babi. Mereka inilah yang lebih buruk kedudukannya dan yang lebih sesat dari Jalan yang betul.”

It’s not that I’m trying to hide behind these verses, but scientists themselves could not figure out how the human and chimpanzees can be related. But God said human had been turned into apes, and that explained why we are so related, up to 96% of our DNA is similar to chimpanzees. For me, these verses sounded more convincing than the bluffing theory of ‘chimpanzee is our father’.

What if WE are their fathers?

But it’s because evolutionists are so blind. For them, the organisms must shift into a better organism, not downgrading. A chimpanzee must evolve into something more intelligent, like human, not human evolve into something less developed like chimpanzees. That’s what Obe’s point after all. We must come from chimpanzee’s vagina, all our ancestors were born by orangutan. He never thought that at least, the Qur’an had been keeping the ‘undeniable connection’ of us and apes that scientists had been searching all along. That the common ancestor might be human, not the other way round.

And evolution is a process that takes time, that a species shifts slowly and step-by-step into a new species, before the new species gives rise to another species, until finally an end species will arise. But consider that, and let’s look on how illogical this Evolution Theory is. They say that lizards and snakes share a common ancestor. What ancestor? And can they show all the intermediate species in between lizards and snakes? The intermediate species must have at least shown some gradual changes from having feet, then smaller feet, to lastly evolved into a totally feetless animal like snakes. Not even one fossil is found in favour of supporting the theory.

And even if they are exist, then why they must all extinct altogether after there comes a final species? Why they can’t coexist with the final species? Let’s consider again. In between us and apes, if according to Evolution Theory, there must be some intermediate monkeys that shown gradual changes from monkey to human, right? Then why must they all gone, extinct? Why after human arises, the intermediate species suddenly disappear into thin air? We are talking about the whole species population, not just one individual. Why the whole population dies out? And again, a few species bridge us and apes. Why all the species must all die after human finally were born? Or maybe, they had never existed at all?

What is funnier more is that both the initial and final species can coexist, but in between the two species, all the species extinct. Chimpanzees and human still exist, but where had gone all the intermediate species that can prove evolution does happen from chimps to human? Same like snakes and lizards. Snakes and lizards exist, but not the species in between. Care to respond somebody?

And one more thing, I’ve read once, giraffes used to have a short neck, but since they need to eat shoots from trees, their necks grew longer by time. But scientists never found the intermediate species, the medium-length neck giraffes. Not even one fossil! But they said there were a few species existed between the two, before we finally have our giraffes today.

Which means we should have many fossils to support the claim. But are we? And what is shameful more, they didn’t even have the short necked giraffe’s fossil to start with!
Evolution is an interesting theory after all, and I am amazed on how people can come out with such theory and went to such length to disapprove the human’s lineage. Not that I’m saying being cucu cicit of monkeys is a downgrade, but God Himself stated that turning from human into apes are despised. What more can I say? Or, what if, Charles Darwin got the Evolution idea from the Qur’an? Nobody can tell right?

To all reading this, especially Muslims, I am just doing my responsibility. For I fear that if I knowingly let you keep believing things that might jeopardizing your faiths, I would later asked by Him on the judgment day, why I did let you go astray when I was enlightened with the knowledge. The knowledge that he had written in His Book well before the existence of the Earth itself to show us the signs of the Believers, but we were stupid enough to follow the paths that human like us were showing.

To Obe, I do hope sometimes you really checked your Qur’an before using a scientific fact to challenge the faith of Muslims. If you are trolling around, do tell because you don’t know when a Muslim might loses his faith when reading your blog.
Forgive us, ya Allah.

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  1. His writing was pusposely to get many comments and hits by reader which i don't think he is really into it,

    can you put your argument simpler for non-bio background readers? they would like to know more


  2. his posts are sometimes inappropriate and offensive. using his 'freedom of speech', he took the liberty to condemn people of different ideas.

    as for biological arguments, i found it hard to simplify it. :) sorry! but i promise i'll find a way. :P

    Salam. :)

  3. this is interesting. i read obe's blog as well. untuk suka2. i'm a christian but tht doens't mean i agree with wht he said or write religions including mine (and urs of course). and yes, i've read abt the ape's theory tht he wrote too.. i was wondering kalau2 ada org boleh explain dgn cara lain. and i found ur blog... thanks for the explaination ^^

  4. Can u simplified it a bit? I was dumb to understand this...

  5. you need to read the origin of species to understand the core of evolution. From what you wrote i gather your understanding of Evolution was skimmed from Harun "i am insane" Yahya

    The fact supporting EVOLUTION is copious and substantial. HOw can you deny these proof.

    Just look at bacterias and viruses. They continually evolving to suit their enviro. You can see EVOLUTION there. How can you deny that

    which is more plausible

    a man and women fall from sky because of a fruit. Thanks to a TALKING snake.


    A process of adaptation and evolution over a period of billions of years

    which is more logical and easier to stomach?

    Evolution........ or falling from the sky theory

    U have a brain that was given BY GOD to THINK.

    Engage that intellect given by said god. Why keep it in a box?

    BTW ..

    Chimpanzee and Humans came from APES FAMILY. A common ancestor. We humans.. did not evolve from CHIMPANZEE. The APE we came from does not look like Chimpanzee. Its a different species. Like birds evolved from feathered dinosours. Totally different

    You really need to buy origin of species or better yet any books by Dawkins on the subject matter to FULLY UNDERSTAND evolution and its wonderful mechanic. It is really quite simple once you understand its intricacies

    Use your brain.. god is awesome. Why limit your horizon. The human mind is beautiful and astounding if you set it free from the shackles of fairy tales and outdated dogma

    Join us.

    we will welcome you with open arms

    we humanist are really good people.

    Am i a bad person just because I believe that humans came from apes? Really now.

    1. obe mohon balik ni bace kitab tafsir, fiqh, ilmu hadis etc, tu pun kalo masih terbuka hati tu nk mengkaji kitab2 tu. jgn asyik nk baca bible je (sorry cheap trolling)

  6. i've got a new knowledge tonight! thx my friend!

  7. Bla Bla Bla...ok2..maybe apa yang diperdebatkan sgt hebad...tp aku ni x pandai sgt...debad secara simple bleh...aku pun nk pandai gak...tp kalo explaination gni..berasap aku nk pahamkan... ya2 akulah si bodoh itu

  8. Kepada writer..kalo ya pun pendapat obe salah..tlg explainkan dlm bahasa yg lebih simple...aku xnk ktggalan nak taw...serius minat!!

  9. joe beruang..sory la bro kalo susah nak paham...tpi saya x reti nak explain secara simple.... T T

  10. Interesting. Why do we have to do the thinking for God?

  11. Bagi sesiapa yang kurang faham Bahasa Inggeris tu maafla. Aku rasa si bedaduz ni ada buat versi mudah untuk balas balik komen si Obe ni... meh kita sama-sama baca....


  12. Well Obe, I kinda think the same way.....as bedaduz.

    forget about the apes and chimpanzees thing--lets put that aside a bit. I'm more interested in his DNA theory. As someone who learned chemistry during the good part of my uni years, I can vouch that there is really, really hardly any way that nitrogen and phosphate groups could just "magically attach" to each other in patterns that could later form the building blocks of complex animals like we have now.

    if they just "magically attach"--due to environmental and physical stressors like evolutionarists stated, then how is it that intermediate beings dont exist? Like super deformed, grossed-out beings akin to the failed chimera experiments in Full Metal Alchemist?

    And how is it that independently-growing cells in our body can communicate to each other like now--like the hormones from the cells way down in the kidney can tell the cells way up in the brain to do something? homeostasis? how does it happen between two cells of two separate organ that have never met each other personally?

    yes Obe, I learned to appreciate reliegion. But not from Quran. From dad's Family Medical Encyclopedia, which many years later led me to the Holy Quran crying on my lap, reading the translated verison.

    happy blogging. I believe every point of view can change in time. and yes, hate is a strong word. don't use that.


  13. Ok,kau punya explain memang best.B4 dis aku baca pasal entri Obe tu,then baru entri kau.Aku rasa rugi plak tak jumpa blog kau sebelum ni.Gud job!

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  15. the teory of evolution datang dari manusia, tapi siapa lagi yang maha tahu selain dari pencipta kita sendiri kan? macam mana pun kita kena berpegang kepada agama balik, Al-Quran takkan diturunkan tanpa sebab kan? untuk lead kita, supaya kita tak sesat sebab kita ada kitab Al-Quran sebagai panduan.. :)
    "law ada salah silap dala ap aku comment ni, maap yea?"

  16. @obe..
    mmgla tuhan bagi otak tu utk fikir..tp bukan sume benda kita bole guna logik akal.kiasa tuhan tu luar dari apa yang kita mampu bayangkan..ko ni pun bukan nak dgr ckp org kn? so terserah la klau ko nk evolusi dari beruk ke ape ke..aku xnak!! aku anak cucu Adam as..ko nk jadi anak cucu beruk..tu ko punye hal..

  17. boleh la kiranya kita beri tekanan dan carbon,serta sedikit oksigen untuk Obe ni,bertukar dan berevolusi menjadi beruk semula~thanks all.

    Obe,ko buktikan dlu,manusia berubah n berevolusi jadi beruk.then,baru ko cakap la bai!!diamonds n petroleum nyata depan mata.ANDA?jadi beruk dulu,baru aku terima teori ko tuh

    plus,menidakkan kewujudan Tuhan,directly proportionate menidakkan kewujudan ko.pengakhiran sains,sepatutnya membawa kepada permulaan agama.jumpa di akhirat kelak Obe

  18. Rasulullah telah beriman kepada apa yang diturunkan kepadanya dari Tuhannya, dan juga orang-orang yang beriman semuanya beriman kepada Allah, dan Malaikat- malaikatNya, dan Kitab-KitabNya, dan Rasul-RasulNya. (Mereka berkata): "Kami tidak membezakan antara seorang dengan yang lain dari Rasul-RasulNya". Mereka berkata lagi: "Kami dengar dan kami taat. (Kami pohonkan) keampunanMu wahai Tuhan Kami, dan kepadaMu jualah tempat kembali". (surah al-Baqarah:285)

    Ini adalah prinsip umat Islam bila menerima perintah dari Allah dan Rasul...itu pun jika mengaku sebagai ISLAM.

  19. gosh..ade gak orang islam yang sokong teori darwin..bak kata my ustaz kt skolah dlu..ramai manusia skrg dh jd mcm beruk..tp x penah plak tgk beruk jd manusia..klakar sungguh..hurmm..

  20. bkn ke anjing,babi dn monyet adalah kaum2 nabi trdahulu yg disumpah dn dilaknat Allah sbb ingkar pd suruhan dan ajaran islam?? mcm mn plak ngn penemuan fossil belalang dan rama2 yg hidup lebih kurang 2.5M years ago (klo x silap lh), scientist trsebut compare ngn teori darwin yg mngatakan objek hidup berubah, tp fossil trsebut still maintain pd bentuk asal same mcm yg ada skrg..malah..bnyk scientist yg reject teori darwin..tu mcm mn plak kite yg islam ni bleh mnyokong teori giler darwin tu...?

  21. :) Thank you for sharing this with us. A delicious food for the brain.

  22. best article so far! syabas Bedaduz. teruskan bekarya di jalan Allah. As long as you can support it with Quran and Hadith, its enough for me :)

  23. Baru baca entry ni. Harap by now Obe realised, and have been man enough to admit his mistakes. Mungkin dia terlepas pandang ayat2 Quran yg menceritakan kisah kejadian nabi Adam AS bilamana berlaku peristiwa yg menjadi sbb Iblis dilaknat Allah. Dlm Quran kan Allah dah nyatakan Dia jadikan manusia sbg sebaik2 kejadian. So I think its acceptable to doubt that APE, of ANY kind is one sebaik2 kejadian. And to argue what's in the Holy Quran with our mere human logic.. Nauzubillah. Astaghfirullah. Semoga Allah pelihara dan bimbing hati hati kita semua. Aminn.

  24. Muslim kala berhujah akan sesuatu perkara pasti berlandaskan Quran dan Sunnah sebab 2 perkara tu yg guide kita sebagaimana yg terdapat dalam hadis Rasullullah seperti yang telah diriwayatkan dalam Bukhari, Rasullullah bersabda, tidak aku tinggalkan 2 perkara, nescaya jika kalian berpegang padanya kalian tidak akan sesat sampai bila-bila, Sahabat bertanya: Apa 2 perkara itu ya Rasullullah, Rasullullah menjawab, Quran dan Sunnah. Nah sudah nyata lagi jelas dalam AL-Quran dan hadis menceritakan mengenai kisah Nabi Adam, kisah penipuan Iblis Laknatullah hingga tercampaknya Nabi Adam dan Hawa ke bumi dan kisah asal penciptaan manusia (Nabi Adam) yang dicipta oleh Allah dari tanah. Aku quote balik ayat ko :

    "a man and women fall from sky because of a fruit. Thanks to a TALKING snake.


    A process of adaptation and evolution over a period of billions of years

    which is more logical and easier to stomach?

    Evolution........ or falling from the sky theory

    Kalau seseorang yang tidak dipandu dengan agama dan bersandarkan AKAL semata-mata pasti ya jawapannya evolusi lagi logik dan senang nak digest..tapi kau harus faham (atau kau buat2 tak faham, ego)tak semua benda yang dicipta oleh Allah nie dapat dicerna oleh akal kita yang tidak sempurna, aku ulangi..AKAL KITA YANG TAK SEMPURNA, kenapa?sebab hanya Allah yang maha sempurna..tak semua perkara kau boleh fikir dengan akal maa..berkaitan perkara ghaib, kena terima berdasarkan sebagaimana yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah. Hatta rasullullah sendiri tidak mengetahui perkara yang ghaib melainkan apa yg telah diwahyukan oleh Allah kepada baginda.Yang tidak mahu mengambil nas dan hujah daripada agama, quran dan sunnah sebagai guide adalah orang yang tidak beragama..faham kan..kalau semua perkara kau nak cerna guna akal yang tuhan bagi kt kau tu mcm kau kata "Use your brain.. god is awesome. Why limit your horizon. The human mind is beautiful and astounding if you set it free from the shackles of fairy tales and outdated dogma" nescaya mana logik Rasullullah israk dan mikraj dalam satu malam sahaja.logik ker?akal aku pun kata tak logik, tapi tu akal..kalau kau berpandu akal maka mcm tu la jadinya.Pls, nie berkaitan akidah bro..jgn main2..ayat ko kat tas tu ; "set it free from the shackles of fairy tales" per yg kau maksudkan dengan fairy tales?a man and women fall from sky?MasyaAlah..kisah nabi adam dan Hawa diturunkan ke dunia tu ada diterangkan dalam Quran bro..kalau kau anggp tu fairy tales aku tak tau la nak cakap per lagi sebab kisah tu terdapat dalam Quran dan Quran tu Kalamullah..bukan main2 bro..moga Allah beri hidayah pada ko..

  25. obe- salam,ko becakap guna dalil AKLI sahaja, DALIL NAKLI ko tinggal... its not good man, dont be blinded by ur ego.. the holy scripture does tell us things beyoond our imagination, because our brain is not as good as our CREATORs'..so HE set A GUIDELINE TO US..so we can USE it..mcm bli tv la, mesti ada MANUAL camna nak guna.. kalau fikir , tekan buton DI remote terus tv boel HIDUP pun MCM X LOGIC, tapi ITS HAPPEN BEFORE UR OWN EYES..seee..come on man..^^ wslm

  26. thx for suggesting all those books.
    ill buy them, and compare for my very own benefits.

    i hate writing. but i care to discuss it with some teh-tarik if u mind.
    give me a call, and set up a place, ill be there. ( if im free)





  27. salam,,,very nice explaination..mohon izin copy..syukran atas perkongsian.

  28. the Darwin theory had been proven wrong by the atlas of creation.

  29. pandangan yg bagus.. actually aku mmg selalu baca obe punye blog, sampai je isu membabitkan agama.. mmg agak menyedihkan dlm entry ditulis.. nk komen dpm tu..semua comentar geng2 satu kepala dengan obe,..panjang pulak debatnye nnt.. entry ni pulak sudah pasti obe post jugak kat blognye tu.. kepada Obe, learn hadith, tauhid, akidah, tafsir.. etc. most importantly.. learn Al-Quran, and hadith..ko belajar 2 tu je..ko xkn cakap lepas dengan teory dunia mcm tu..

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  31. For those who follows the Abraham's religion, we all believe that the first ever human being is Adam, and he was made in heaven. Eve was created from his bone, and both of them commited sins in heaven by eating the forbidden fruit, and that is how they end up on earth.

    Accepting the evolution theory will automatically rejects this whole idea. I.e - Adam was not created in heaven, hence denying the foundation of the Abraham's religions.

    Obefiend, you are a critical thinker. I believe you are neither Jewish, Christian nor Muslim since you are parading the evolution theory. It is democracy, you are free to have your thoughts.

    And please don't use the word God as if you believed in Him. Fact is u are denying his scriptures by accepting evolution theory.

    If A = B, abd B = C, hence A = C. You don't believe in scriptures = by accepting the evolution theory = you dont trust God = you are a none Abraham's religion followers = or in islam you are a kuffar. As easy as that.

    I pray that you will come back to the right path. Amen.

  32. assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

    saya merupakan graduan genetik molekul dan untuk pengetahuan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, evolusi MANUSIA DARI APES adalah tidak benar. saya juga rasa sangat geli hati kerana encik obefiend yang langsung tidak mempunyai asas dalam bidang genetik boleh pulak menegakkan kebenaran tentang teori darwin. untuk pengetahuan tuan, perkara ini telah pun banyak kali dibincangkan dan banyak bukti-bukti saintifik yang bercanggah dengan teori di atas. tidak perlu saya jelaskan pada tuan kerana tuan adalah seorang yang jahil dalam ilmu genetik dan tuan juga tidak layak bercakap tentang proses evolusi.dan selamat kembali ke pangkal jalan.

    1. obefiend adalah penyokong gerakan freemasonic kat Malaysia.

  33. obe adalh org yg cetek pemikiran!


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