14 May 2011


Hi peeps! Before going further, I would like to stress that I didn’t promote my blog through shoutmix or chat box or anything. If you’d ever get such message left in your chat box, it is perfectly not me. I never did blog walking; I am lazy enough to write an entry.

I found out last night that Obefiend commented on my entry countering his arguments about evolution theory.
Let me now do the rebutting part.


FYI, I never knew who is Harun Yahya. At first, I even confused him with Harun Din. And Obe, if I remembered well, you keep laughing at people trying to label you as ‘kafir’ or ‘freemason’ or ‘murtad’. Can’t you see what you are doing now? You’re trying to stereotype everybody who do not support Evolution Theory as ‘influenced’ by Harun Yahya. What the difference anyway between you and the people that loved to label you? You label others also!

And nope, I never read Harun Yahya’s works. Any of them. Maybe he is insane. I did read origin of species by the way. I mean, the theory. Not the book. Since that thing is in my textbooks time and time again. I’m a science student, remember?


Facts or fictions? Have you ever heard that Charles Darwin combined an ape skull with a human’s to create the illusion that the skull belongs to a single ancestor of both species? Yes, I found this in an encyclopedia. You should know since you loved to read them.

And, fact supporting Creationism is also copious and substantial. Or, do you need God to create something before your bare eyes before you want to believe it?


For a smart man like you, this is definitely a laughable question. Obe, please tell me, how many times bacteria give rise to a multicellular organism? Even if they continually evolving, it doesn’t change the fact that bacteria is still bacteria and viruses is still viruses even after their evolution. What kind of evolution crap are you telling right now?


Well I don’t know Obe. Which one easier to believe depends on who you ask this question to. Remember you had posted about the ghost house in Shah Alam? Why then you can believe something supernatural about ghosts but in evolution case, different set of rules is applied? (Quoting you).

Where you are denying every possibility of the existence of supernatural powers resulting to the events in our world. For you, everything must be proven by science. Then please explain all Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh miracles in scientific sense. Water coming out from his hand, moon split into two. Or are you going to tell me that all of his miracles are only myths?

This is one thing I loved the most about you. You asked people to think, but do you yourself think? I never kept my brain in a box, but I believed knowledge must be guided with revelations (wahyu). Contrary to your stand, of which you are implying that knowledge is LIMITED by religion. Isn’t it so?
Okay then, let’s analyse how far have you used your brain to think.

Exhibit 1:
Question : Why do god send prophets? Why didn't he just reveal himself?
When reading this question in one of your entries, I felt so disappointed. Because it shows that you’d never think of this. Where’s your brain eh? It seems to me that you’d love to bash every thing taught in your religion, but you’d never want to learn or think from your religion’s point of view.

1. Because God is so almighty that this world could not sustain His presence. Mount Sinai broke down into pieces when He shown himself to Moses.

2. Meeting God is one of the things that ‘Ahli Syurga’ will experience in Akhirat. When finally they could see the God they had been worshipping their entire life (or for some, not that long). It is one of the benefits of being an Ahli Syurga.

3. If God came down Himself, then there would be a totally different system. Maybe no dosa/pahala, syurga/neraka. Just a different system.

4. Because human mind could not reach the intelligence of God. Everything that He had done, must have solid reasons. Don’t you worry about that. Worry more about your Ibadah and Iman.
These are my answers, from my BRAIN. Why couldn’t you see these kind of answers? Why when it comes to religion, you pretended as if you could not think. 

You provided somebody else’s answers (some ustaz @ ustazah) and you bashed them whether directly or cynically. Why Obe, oh why? You bashed them with an atheist point of view, and expect your readers to answer the question raised, without you having to think in the same religious aspects. It makes you feel invincible.

Many other more entries in your blog contradict your calling to use our BRAIN. I think you are the one who’s keeping his brain inside a box. Especially for religion stuffs. If you could argue Evolution using your BRAIN, why can’t you think about religion using your BRAIN?


Yes, and then explain why the common ancestor must extinct before a new species rises? Doesn’t it wonders you that every time you claimed there exist a common ancestor, you failed to mention that the common ancestor had all extinct before a new species is born?

Where is the common ancestor for snakes and lizards? For elephants and whales? Why they must extinct before they give birth to the new species?

Because actually, they never EXISTED.


Yes, but I’m rooting for Creationism. Obe, I would like to clarify again my stand. I did not mention that Evolution does not exist, because for me, if Evolution exists, then it’s up to Allah’s will (Sunnatullah).

Evolution is not impossible. But with the facts that Pro-Evolutionism kept throwing at my face, all I could see is flaws in the Theory (I mean, after I use my BRAIN to analyse the facts given). For some points, Evolution is as if created from thin air, no proofs but kept using false examples to support the claim when I simply see Creationism is a simpler theory and more plausible.

And I read a lot already. FYI, I read more about Evolution than about Creationism. I think I’m mature enough to decide which thing I would like to believe. And when I believe, I give reasons why. But the reasons that Pro-Evolutionism like you giving me to explain Evolution, are just weak and laughable.


I believe I answered this one already. Yes, brain is awesome. Please use yours before implying others to do so. And UPDATED dogma doesn’t mean it’s better than the OUTDATED. I did not believe in fairy tales. I believe in al-Quran.


Thanks for the invitation. But I don’t get it. Do you mean you want me to use my BRAIN or you want me to think the same way as you are?


I seriously don’t think you are bad. You just need answers like others do, but unfortunately, you’d prefer to accept answers from outside the religion, because for you, ulama is blind for science and Islam does not give a favorable answer to you.

After all, difference in opinions is nikmat (or rahmat, couldn’t remember). But what worrying me most, if you are wrong, then how many Muslims suddenly endangering their faiths because of you? Because of your distorted views on Islam? I see that you are trying to make people think, up to the point of abandoning religion in the process.

Obe, knowledge without religion is like searching in the dark. I believe some questions you can keep to yourself and ask God later in afterlife, and not bombarding others to answer. As Muslim, you know what we would face later after we die.

Write curses
  1. I can see that our discussion bring some ideas to this composition. pre-mature but good start..... (i haven't started yet LOLz) thinking off going deeper to Evolution Theory and Islamic Philosophy after this. Make Dua' for me. =) Ammar Al-Zaki Ibn Abdul Rahman (Ammar the Pope) LOLz.

  2. Thanks bedaduz for your simplified version of http://bedaduz2.blogspot.com/2011/04/why-i-hate-obefiends-views-on-religion.html

    I understand now why Obe is willing to provoke others' mind but yet his mind is still pre-matured and keep well in a box of his blog. Why want to limit our brain just for blogging profits? Allah has more to offer as He the one who created us? Ain't that right, O the 'lame' one, Obe?

  3. agreed with you..some people simply declined when they got answers from the perspective of religion. And the most important, they are refusing Al Quran..that is what we call as faith. Only Al Quran and As Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W will guide us to the right path. Keep ourselves on it. InsyaAllah..

  4. ;) without provoke entry ni takkan wujud

    thanks to both u and obe

    this entry is nice one

  5. Ah, good one. I can see maturity in you, as opposed to some reply posts done by the rest of the Obefiend-haters. dengan dia, kalau setakat cakap "obe lu mengucaplaaa lu masuk neraka dah ni tau tak" takkan menjadi dengan dia.

    oh ya, ini jawapan saya, kalau orang tanya kenapa Rasul diutuskan dalam bentuk manusia (penah org ckp kat sy kot...tahla)


    1) God is an exclusivity. macam VVVVVVIP yang cuma orang tertentu je boleh tengok. OK, cuba banyangkan kalau artis famous kegemaran anda duduk depan rumah anda. awal2 rasa macam excited sangat. tapi hari2 tatap muka dia....excited lagi tak? rasa tak special dah kan? itu baru manusia. belum entiti yang lebih eksklusif, macam Tuhan.

    2) utusan mestilah makhluk yang sama dengan makhluk yang ditargetkan itu. supaya lebih senang nak didik makhluk tersebut.

    3) contohnya, nak ajar semabahyang/puasa/haji kepada umat manusia. mestilah pendemonstrasi cara sembahyang/puasa/haji tu manusia jugak. kene tunjuk cara nak rukuk sujud--tangan letak mana, kaki letak mana. kalau tak ada tangan dan kaki sebiji macam manusia, macamana manusia nak faham. (tu jugak antara sebab sunnah wujud--nak explain benda yang takboleh diexplain secara bertulis dalam kitab)

    4) mungkin la, bagi saya, makhluk terseubt akan rasa lebih disayangi jika utusan dia adalah makhluk yang sama. manusia dikawal selia oleh manusia juga. sama level.

    cuba bayangkan kalau utusan manusia itu ialah malaikat atau makhluk demigod atau jin. tentu rasa takut yang lebih tapi rasa hormat yang kurang.manusia ni kalau lain bangsa pun rasa ada gap (macam cara rednecks tak hormat Obama), inikan pulak kalau lain spesis lain makhluk. fikirkan...

    and pasal apes and cimpanzee, saya malas nak komen. sebab sains ni tak statik. dulu2 cakap matahari keliling bumi. now cakap bumi keliling matahari. so mana tahu lepas no dia dapat tahu tak ada link langsung antara spesis manusia dan apes? nak cakap apa lepas tu ya Obe? huhu

    sori panjang sangat. bosan hari Ahad.

  6. intelligently composed entry unlike obe's entry which using harsh words & have no respect to others.good job

  7. totally brilliant! but still adored to obe. damn.

  8. This is what I have been waiting from bloggers in the virtual world : solid explanation. You make me realize that I should read,listen, and observe more than I do now.

  9. Obe dah jawab belum?

  10. @Diba,

    Obe dah jawab, dan bedaduz jawab kembali. Ni lah entri nyer tu.

  11. wow..bgus lh admin blog nih...syabas!!

  12. Assalam.

    I cried reading this post.. Alhamdulillah, solute to you for your time and concern..

    The fact that they can't even accept the Supreme Power of Allah causes them to block anything related to His power. His supreme creations..

    It's hard when people keep questioning about religious stuff and pathetic fact is they don't actually expect answers or even ready by any chance to consider anything, they actually aiming to condemn or downgrade...

    There are these 3 groups mentioned in Al Quran.

    1. Group who perform amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar
    2. Groups who are being told or delivered about amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar and they refuse to obey
    3. Group who questions (and question, and question)

    Heaven for group 1, insya Allah..
    Hell for group 2..
    And nothing is mention about the 3rd group.

    They are either becoming group 1 or joining group 2.......


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