18 December 2016


Yunuss got married today. Only a few weeks ago we met during GEMA meeting. I recall him embracing all of us before we parted ways, predominantly because the next time we met he's no longer a bachelor. Gee this feeling is strange. Seeing somebody’s life changed right before your eyes, especially when that somebody is a close friend.

In fact this month is all about changes – the first month I started my life as a 27 year old lad. My Lumia 1320 broke down and it couldn’t be started. I went to the Mines to get it repaired, only to find out that the Microsoft store on the 4th floor has been closed – for good. It started off as a Nokia shop, with the Nokia blue signboard hanging above the entrance. It was where I bought my first smartphone – the Lumia 800.

I bought my third Lumia phone there as well earlier this year; the 1320 when it has been converted into a Microsoft store. Black backdrop, with the Microsoft logo in the center. The day before yesterday I went there and another different shop was in its place - totally unrecognizable signboard.

It is unnerving to learn that the Nokia legacy has been killed off totally. Nokia has always been shoved aside by the competition, but it was always an option albeit an unpopular one. Now it’s just gone – Nokia phones are not even a choice anymore. That is sad, I was hanging on to the hope that one day it would make a comeback and I will stay loyal until that day comes. Guess the second coming will not happen anytime soon.

The nearest Microsoft store right now is in Petaling Jaya, and Lord knows when it will be closed.
All the troubles aside, I went to Alamanda to buy a new phone. Samsung Galaxy J3 is just RM259 with one year contract with Digi, and judging from my current financial situation, this is a deal breaker since the retail price for the phone is currently at RM599. I could save at least RM200 after buying all the accessories and paying whatever thingamajig they put in the fine prints.

So I went to change my current Celcom simcard to a 4G one. I’ve been with this simcard for more than 9 years, it still keeps the most important SMS’s within. Another change for me. Gee my eyes teared a bit just by remembering the messages. One congratulations from Bonda after I won Anugerah Perdana Yayasan Pelajaran Peladang back then in 2009, a Selamat Hari Lahir message from a crush, a good luck SMS from an old friend. 

So I am now an Android and a Samsung user; both were what I had tried to elude as soon as the smartphone war exploded. It felt so mainstream and common. I hated Android complicated OS, Windows Phone was using a minimalist approach. But like kak Sarah tweeted at me “It’s just about changes. Not about android nor iphone nor windows”. I guess I’m just scared of the unknown. 

Starting from last week, I’ve moved to a new workplace. Our company managed to secure a tender at another site, so I will no longer be around at my current office all the time. I had to divide my time between the two sites, and as much as I wanted to grow as a person career wise, sometimes sacrifices are hard to be done. 

My Iranian housemate is leaving the house soon as his contract with the owner will end by this 25th December. It’s either me leaving the house, or I’m staying here as the new head of the house by signing a new contract with the owner. I chose the latter.

Now I’m staring outside of my window, thinking how amid all of that’s happening, I feel so lonely inside. I feel like all these changes are chipping away my sanity, that after all in my life that’s changed, what is left of me? 

Then I realized that all my writings deal with loneliness. Oh wait, or is it just because I write only when I feel lonely? lol

This is all about changes, like kak Sarah said. Nothing personal, just business.

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