28 January 2013

Someone Out of Town


When he wasn’t looking, somebody’s been looking from afar.

He looked at his wife’s face; and they smiled.

His wife loved him with all her heart, without doubts. He is the only one person she would ever gave her heart to; and her soul to; and her life to.

They were happily married, two months past their holy union.

But he had a history, far more than he could ever admitted.

But she didn’t know, and she would always love him as long as he kept her in the dark.

When they walked away, the husband walked faster than the wife. The wife kept up, holding his hand. And her husband remembered the hand of somebody he had held 10 years previously.

The wife looked at his face, and he was looking confused. But then he smiled.

And he told himself again, that he’s going to keep the secret from his wife. He is going to spare his wife the pain. And his wife would never know that she was not his first love.

When they walked away, somebody looked from afar. And smiled. Nobody’s going to know now. A secret makes a woman woman.

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