23 January 2013



Caffeine. The black coffee liquid blob I gulped just now levitating from my gut into oesophagus; sweeping me with a wave of nausea. My guts could not stomach the substance.

I felt like throwing up. My heart beats along an unprecedented tempo. Fast and loud. I felt predominantly nervous more than anything else.

Images surging through my brain. There were clouds, dogs and a gaseous apparition. Those images were so random and unrelated they left me feeling perplexed.

The effects of caffeine were indeed never felt stronger. My limbs were energized, my heart racing. I could not sleep even a tad.

That was when my roommate addressed me.

Tak boleh tidur jugak?”

I shook my head.

“Jom tengok movie.”

We ended up watching Ted and Orphan back to back, until at about 5 am when I dozed off. It was by then I decided not to drink anything caffeinated again before going to bed.

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  1. Better late than never than. Drink milk if you can.

    1. nice idea. i should stockpile some ;)


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