18 December 2014



Heyyy guys out there! Are you tired of wearing socks with your shoes? Have you ever thought of switching from shoes to something more casual, well not really casual like a sandal, and something not too laid-back like slippers, but something exactly in between casual and formal? Something that you can wear both to the office and to social gatherings?

I have just the answer. It’s loafers!

OK, I am honestly one of those people yang rimas gila kena pakai kasut to formal events or even while working. And I am also quite ashamed of myself pergi kenduri pakai selipar. But woe is no more that finally I’ve switched to loafers!

Loafers are perfect for those who want to have something to wear in both formal and casual occasions without shedding any extra money, and are comfortable for both. (And plus, you won’t need to wear socks hewhew)

Here are 3 ways you can personalize your style with loafers. You all can thank me later! So here goes:

1- Smart Casual

The first look book idea for men to flaunt their loafers is to match it with smart casual attire. Wear the loafers with a shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts for a complete dashingly handsome appearance.


“I’m wearing loafers so they won’t know I skip leg days!”


2- Formal Attire

The next way a man can show off their loafers is to wear it with a nice business suit. Switch those classic leather shoes with a pair of trendy loafers and step out feeling confident. Impress the people at the workplace with your remarkable sense of fashion and make yourself approachable. Dress nicely at work will definitely score you points as well as boost your level of confidence and energy. (You can try asking for a raise while wearing loafers. It might work!)



“I don’t even wear socks, boo hoo!”


3- Casual

Another way man can style their loafers is to wear it with their casual clothing such as a plain tee and jeans or a tank top. Other than wearing flip flops or sandals during the weekends, spice up your wardrobe with a pair of loafers. Select a pair of loafers which is versatile to be match with anything or have fun with printed ones. And this will suit you well if you’re attending social gatherings, kenduri-kendara, strolling at night markets. You’ll look good and casually handsome.


“Hey, my eyes are up here! Not on my loafers!”


4- Naked with only your loafers on

Tired of not getting the chicks? Get nakkid with only your loafers on!



So dudes, what you’re waiting for! Change now to loafers. Be electric!



If you are wondering where to get loafers for men collection online, ZALORA now offers you an extensive choice of loafers from various brands at a very affordable price!

Make your way to zalora.com.my and check out their irresistible offers.

Have a nice day everyone, and don’t forget to change to loafers!

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  1. Wow, I've been struggling with what shoes to wear for ages! Thanks for this entry man! Now I can ditch my selipar Jepun and not suffer the whole day. Dunno that you can write about fashion too, best blog ever!

    Now lemme head out to Zalora, and keep writing things like this dude, cause this gonna take me while HAHA :D

    1. me too! i'm a 30-years old male. i think this helps me a lot. gosh, to think that i've been living 30 years without even a single clue what loafers are! a disgrace!


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