03 January 2014


328 days to go, and I would be 25.

For the first time ever, my age would fit on the quarterly scale of a century, and I feel goddamned old.

It’s already 3 days in January, and I have missed my cue. I was thinking of writing (at least) a blog entry every day for this year. Boy does it not look like a good beginning.

This year would be the year when everything should begin to fall into place. 25 is the golden age of life. My friends, lots of them, are getting married. Some has started their career and now began to contemplate seriously their career progress and steering to their desired destination.

I, for one, should graduate this year. I should publish my novel, a journal – or so according to my plan. Clearly I didn’t follow through. But above all, I should already complete my thesis. The keyword is “should”.

I have few things that I wanted to achieve before I was 25, and the earliest goals that I managed to cross on my list are having a driving license and a car; and winning a national level competition (well, sort of). Being popular before 25, lol I don’t even think would be attainable during this period. (Dream on bedaduz, dream on)

I still have 328 more days to achieve some of the goals, and some of my friends are not that lucky. With their birthdays earlier than mine, they would be 25 much sooner than I would. Which means they have lesser time to achieve their ‘below 25 dreams’.

328 days are hopefully enough to do all those stuffs. I’m getting older by day, and having a Master’s degree is what matters most to me for the time being. Having a Master is the bedrock of my plans.

And after 25, I would seriously plan these three things:

1- Publishing my first novel
2- Opening a restaurant
3- Being popular

Getting married, as you all can see, does not even make it to the top 3. Well, I personally plan to get married before 35 (if there’s a person that would marry me, by the way). And until that time, there are lots of things that I need to do. Need, not want. I need to practise being an imam, I don’t want to be a husband who cannot even lead solat.

I need to know to read the Quran properly, so at least I could teach my children. I need to memorise more surah lazim, which I had not successfully achieve during my 24 years of living.

And most of all, I need to be a good GREAT son to my parents (yes, with a capital G), while they are still alive. I don’t want to be that kind of son who would only think of f**king another living person legally and halal-ly, and does not include his parents in his future happiness. I definitely am not going to make another person happy if I could not make my parents happy beforehand.

Looking back at the list, I seriously believe that publishing a novel and having a restaurant would help me to accomplish my third objective; being popular.

Being popular would mean girls (and guys alike, I don’t discriminate my fans) would run to me asking for autographs (and photographs) while I humbly shying away and giggling my way through their crowd. Yes, I am that vain. 17002
Being recognised nationwide for my accomplishments in itself is an accomplishment. I wanted to publish my novel which I had always leave halfway through before completion for fear of rejection. As soon as I have my Master’s degree, I would just run over the fear and f**k it all and continue writing.

My first published novel, I hope, would be a science fiction, in spite of my inclination to write based on my current emotions. I believe in immortality through writing (and is in fact my another goal of life).

So that is all I guess for my first entry of 2014. I wish to blog more this year, as opposed to my refusal to blog actively last year. Well, I was purposely inactive last year due to a handful of factors. And General Election is one of them. I could not think of anything smarter to write except for a few political issues, so I refrained myself to join in the bandwagon and be the bigger guy. My blog is not political by nature and I wish to keep it that way (having an issue or two regarding politics is okay).

And together with this entry, I want to share an article I love so much about self motivation (I am not a fan of motivation, FYI. Thus means I’m downright serious about the article). The article is from cracked.com and it might be of help to achieve a state of better-self.

Click this link:

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

So peeps. May your wish come true this year and for my peers who are going to be 25, think carefully of your plans. Let’s dream and live our dreams.

Here’s to never growing up (and old). Cheers!

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  1. haha. wish you all the best with your plans! have a wonderful 2014 :)

  2. thanks waibee! may you achieve your dreams also! have a wonderful 2014 to you to :')


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