18 August 2013

Not that damn easy

Now I’ve hit a bottom low. I have no money left. I have spent the last of my ringgit paying for gas for a ride to an open house. So that’s basically spending money for lunch, which means I’d spent it anyway if I didn’t go to that open house. So that one is OK.

My car battery almost died yesterday. I forgot to switch off the lights after Jumaat prayer, and 3 hours of straight light use prove detrimental to the car battery. The battery is just enough to set the alarm off, not strong enough however to start the car. Not that the car battery is brand new anyway, so I ain’t complaining. Annnd guess what? Didn’t even have money to buy jumper to recharge that frickin’ battery. It’s a safe guess to say that I am not going out for a few days following.

My roommate brought laksa from home for dinner. So that’s how I managed to eat for today. Open house and food giveaway (technically).

I do not know how I am going to survive tomorrow. God is this even happening? I mean, not having money to eat? Is this even happening in Malaysia? Is this even happening to the rich, high-income-salary-nation, goddamn Malaysia? It must be happening. Because hell yes, didn’t I tell you, I am the living proof?

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  1. time study macam tu lah dik. ada masa mesti tak dak duit . Nak mintak dengan mak kesian.. Pinjam je la dengan kawan . tu pon kawan yang terpilih je la.. cm na nak follow ni ek ? Cri tak jumpa pulak.. ^_^

  2. I know how's your feeling right now. Me too right now tight in money. But I know it's my wrong not to work hard to find more. Sad, but it's true. Wish the best for you and me.


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