22 February 2011


First of all, I would like to say thanks to u again because u had given me such joy earlier this morning. The mark u gave me was simply marvelous!

Trying to rise again to the top is not that easy with u keep kicking me in the back. I am tired with trying to remember facts that i need to vomit out during that 2 hours we met. It was tiresome and sometimes pointless. I mean, why do I have to remember something that won't even be remembered the next few hours after being remembered? I despise that for all you concern!

I am not a good rememberer, and I don't want to remember. I think the only cause u existed at the first place is because u're trying to torment me with my memory disorder. well now u have succeeded times an times again, so please stop it! how can i continue being a top student if my marks keep sinking like Titanic after the iceberg?

So please be like the first time i met u. the time when i can choose what answer i want to answer, the choices u gave me that blessed me with the honour to choose. the A, B, C, D...i'd loved u by that time! but also by time, u changed into this moron i barely know. such pity! u gave me question and a complete blank for me to fill in. how can i know what do u want to know from me?

so exams, with this appeal, i sincerely hope i can kiss u goodbye, or better yet, please be kind to me. please3! i need one more DL for my CV!

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