22 February 2011

End of end

This is it guys! Final sem it is!

I think this is something that somebody else had always been waiting for. For this very end of the journey. And me? I am crying over this. I think it's unfair that something this good will not last. Oh, study was the best thing ever happened in my life (so far!). Every sem, I am given with RM5,000 just to stay in University and do nothing. I was sent to Korea, got to participate many things that I thought I would never do, such as playing kompang in kenduri kahwin, archery, drama etc etc...It feels like heaven!

Well but, I don't take it for granted. I studied hard, did my assignments, attended my classes... and it feels good that I don't have to think about paying bills, settle the debts, and many other things that most adults would have to think of. It just feels great!

The only drawback perhaps is to write my thesis in time and to have to worry that this heaven is going to collapse soon...7 more weeks.. ~~sigh~~!

Well that's it for now. Going to write again soon!

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