22 February 2011

Sports n U

I was never good in sports. Or I think WILL never. It's not because I'm not trying, it's because it's too late now. Everybody had reached at least somewhere, and I don't think it's easy to just start now and being the lowest point of all. And I don't think sports is my cup of tea. I got easily bored only by watching a match.

So that's how I perceive it. I think I was a quite good athlete though when I was younger. I'd love to play traditional games such as tuju tin, rounders, lubang tikus, zero point etc etc. And damn, I was one of the above-average players! Like seriously, I can run very good, and I have my own tactics to win a game. I can contribute to my team since I am a very good team player. But since those kind of games was not available in schools, I became distracted and not interested.

So every week I pretended that I forgot to bring my sport shirt so that I don't have to play football with my classmates. However, now I regretted that decision. I should have tried at least, because all of them were not that good. And we all started at zero, of which there were nobody better except for those who are talented. And if I tried, maybe I will end up somewhere. Because I was not bothered to try, now most of my friends played football in University level. Yes, I am sure I can be at least at the same level as they are! -well, i don't need u to believe me, I just knew it! haha!

SO that is me now, I cannot start to play football now on the spot; I lack years of training. But I'd love to play with people of the same level as I am. I mean, don't have to feel shy of not kicking it right. Everybody will making a fool out of themselves that nobody would be looked at that obvious. Haha! Oh how I wish....

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