20 January 2018


"You plan and Allah plans. And Allah is the best planner."

So here I am in a state of limbo. Me and Hakim and Asyraf and now Aizuddin are now stranded at the entrance of Aizuddin's residential area waiting for a lorry driver who was mistakenly given Hakim's driving license that he left at the guard post.

Asyraf managed to call the driver to explain the confusion. The driver didnt realise the mistake because the license that he normally uses is an expired license that his company left in the lorry's dashboard which would be passed to any of the residence guardhouse that the lorry drivee had to get into.

So instead of the expired license, now Hakim's license is in its place.

The driver is now at his home and the lorry is at his workplace in Petaling Jaya. His office is now locked for the night.

Me? Waiting under this gazebo and getting myself biten by mosquitoes. My battery is at 15% now and I'm writing this to kill time. Aizuddin has scolded the security guards a few times, since this is not the first time they screwed him over.

Asyraf has missed any remaining trains to go home and Hakim couldn't leave without his licence. Tomorrow I have a prior arrangement with Projek Kaki Buku at Bukit Gasing and I'm already feeling like bailing.

So now we're still waiting. Am not sure for who, but I'm sleepy and I need my bed so badly...

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