14 December 2014

Big Bad Wolf

“In the twist of separation, you excelled at being free. Can’t you find a little room inside for me?”
- Back for Good, Take That
I never thought it’s you I’m meeting again here. There, from across the waist-high heap of books. I motioned to you nearer, every step taken synchronised with my heightened heartbeats. 
We said our ‘hi’; again. You were astounded to see me too. A nervous chuckle after. Then the shared lingering awkwardness, which was never there 7 months ago. You asked me things, I asked you stuff.

None of that really mattered, for we knew the answers already. But we were now careless in each others' presence, mumbling and stumbling our way through. You even mis-introduced me to your brother. You asked me nonsense conundrums of which the answers to are irrelevant. 
After so long a time, we no longer recognised the petty details of our mundane, once shared lives. We enquired each other about our routine after the separation because we genuinely were oblivious, and you even needed to ask permission to take me out for dinner. But along it all was the underlying tension sprouting from our childish nervousness. 
The impromptu conversation was cut short when I had to go after the pressure becomes too immense for both of us to bear. Our lives had changed so much that we no longer knew the common ground of our reunion. Smiles nonetheless were exchanged, and we left the gathering feeling a tad happier. 
Many nights won’t even capable of changing what I feel about you. You are still, my inspiration. And above it all, my bestest friend.

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