19 February 2014


We’ve been to the dirtiest place. The darkest.

Along the whole ordeal, we held each other’s hands tightly, imploring for strength, hoping it would magnify from the touch of the fingers and flow into our veins. That makes things feel right though they aren’t.

There were times we soar, and we flew high, and there were days when we fell, and we fell hard.

Some places were hard to describe. Some feelings were horrendous to feel. Some touches are taboo. Some things were not meant to be.

Loving you was my source of strength; and the source of my depression.
I wanted to feel complete. I needed to feel human. And heartbreaks were what largely define humanity for me.

Some days I feel like crawling on the floor, sustaining heartbreak to its umpteenth magnitude. Some days I eschew thinking and feeling to stop feeling so miserable from losing you.

Nothing in this world seems fair to compare with this pain of not having you.

But you never knew. You won’t know. We would seem happy - we would seem like we never care - we would seem like we are good. And truth is, you do. But I don’t.

We have finally entered the final stage. Once the curtain calls, nothing left to celebrate. We would say our last goodbyes, and go separate ways.

I carry this love forever. And the heartbreak that ensues. Nothing could force me to give you up. Nothing.

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