13 January 2014

Breaking Bad

+Nahja! I’m depressed ok lepas habis tengok Breaking Bad. Sobs3. I’m on the verge of crying the whole day sebab BrBa hu3

- Abes dah? Fuyyo. Same bro. There was a void kot for few days after finish BB…oh the feels when Mr White intai anak dia balik sekolah

+ Hands down, best series ever! I still hate Skyler the bitch mom. Sobs3. Seems like in the end, he’s still regarded as the bad guy. Saaad T.T

- The show play with our emoti0n n principle kan. Bcos in actuality he is bad..so u r in team anti Skyler which means u pro Mr White yay haha

+ Skyler didn’t offer him the chance to explain bout Hank, so that’s the fuckedup. I don’t know really what to feel after the end, it’s like nobody gets nowhere.

- Ha dats a better explanati0n of the void I feel. anyway team skylar (women usually) hate the ending bcos they say in the end Mr White win. But x pun rasa aku

+ Mr White wins in a sense that he managed to tie all the loose ends on his part and he got to achieve his real motive – providing for his family. But in reality, he has lost so much that nothing is left to be won.

- If anything lack bout part 2, it’s that takda chemistry cam dulu. Part 2 became all the m0re depressing bcos of dat alone.. ah Jesse, I feel like hugging him #NoHomo

+ Yeah2. That lack of their dynamics makes us hold our breath and cringed whenever Jesse is making another mistake. aaaa apaa ni. Sedinyaaa T.T

- Lucky u didn’t watch at night. kalau x cmne nak tido. Haha..my feet was heavy after dat finale, banyak termenung. kekeke..hope u don’t have to go through dat

Exactly 3 hours and 52 minutes later

- Bryan Cranston dapat Golden Globe. finally.

+ It’s his birthright…… bitch!

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