27 October 2013

When You’re Gone

It’s like staring into a mirror; looking again at our reflections.
Giggling, one grin after another.

We’re so happy. So young. Vibrant. Alive.

We feel as though we would live ten thousand more years.

We feel like this is the dream we’re living.

This is the moment of our life.

It’s like those lyrics from FUN! we remember by heart.

“…so let’s set the world on fire, we could burn brighter than the sun…”

Yet we knew that it won’t last that long.

This is only a momentary joy. A joy that lasts for a moment.

The youth would die out first, leaving us with wrinkles and white hair.

The companionship would gone next; we would be gone, one after the other. Some leave with goodbyes.

Some just simply leave.

And the last thing that remains is the laughter and joy we shared. Somehow it is stuck at the back of our head; memories that we kept till the day we breathe our last breath.

We are forever friends. Forever.

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