14 June 2013



Just another NORMAL sight in a hospital Open-mouthed smile       ( Source)


I hate hospitals. Simply hate it. I went visiting my brother in law earlier this evening.

The smell of drugs, medicines and bodily fluid nauseate me. The moment when you walked into a ward, is the start of those stomach turning events. With every smell that I could not recognize, I'd attribute it to the smell of human wounds, which is like 99% of the whole smell in a hospital, and which is why I was nauseous all the time.

I hate seeing people , in green hospital robes, losing a limb or two. Covered in bandages all over their head. Lying on the bed, don’t have enough energy to even sit. Patch in an eye.

The atmosphere; God the air. Is so full of pungency, there is no good circulation. I imagine those germs and blood and vomit and stool and urine, evaporated into the air, than being inhaled by other human beings in the room. At least that is what they shared, apart from a ubiquitous misery.

The atmosphere is depressing; you could almost feel waves of negative energy emitted by each individual uniting into a force; the sum of them comes pressing hardly into your skin. Their suffering is manifested through their lifeless movements, their sickly stares, their silent presence itself in the green hospital robes. Their negativity repulsing positive thoughts from forming, that I feel like crying even though I was not sad. It was just the depressing ambient that made things look all gloomy and scary.

There I saw an unconscious person, with tubes into his nose; yes his nose. They chug down milk down the tube, right into his nose. All while he was still in limbo. I don’t understand why, nor do I intent to know. The nurse, and his family members done that casually, as if the action is another routine that they are ever happily performing.

I saw a man, who is so sick his legs look like those of a 12 year old kid. He couldn’t move, let alone walk. It is not only pity that I felt, but I also was scared and terrified.

When going to hospitals, I am reminded of why I never wanted to be a doctor. I could not stand the sight of it. The scent of it. The suffering. The people. Maybe we should start making our hospitals that are so scary like hell into a conducive home. Maybe instead of putting those scary machines beside the beds, we should start placing rack full of books with vase of flowers on top. Paint the walls with something decorative instead of a monotonous colour throughout the ward. Make hospitals cheerful, the nurses should stop looking like a Barbie with a fake smile that give heartless touches. They should start visiting patient every day and ask genuinely of their progress. Don’t just come to stick a needle up their veins.

Hospitals now are no different than factories. Cold, emotionless. Unforgiving. They sucked away all your happiness. If there is one thing I would change about a hospital, it would be turning it into a happier home. So even if you die there, you don’t feel like losing anything.

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  1. try duduk sehari dlm ward bro. nurse pon manusia jgk. even dh biasa dgn bau hospital, dia pon ada rasa yg sama dgn awk. juz dont easily jump into conclusion, we are not in their shoes. watching ppl die every day. sticking needle into someone arm. giving some advice on wht to eat n wht not. if u proud to be wht do u want to be, they also proud on who are they. ppl tend to say, `nurse pon sakit?` then sape nurse tu sbnrnya? even mesin pon tau rosak. inikan pulak manusia. u hve ur own specialty, n same goes to them. sory for da comment. it is just my simple opinion. =)

    1. saya sangat respect kerjaya nurse. mungkin sebab mereka terlampau cekap sampai buat mereka kelihatan takde perasaan. tapi hakikatnya mungkin mereka terbiasa melihat penderitaan menjadikan mereka cekal dan berani :)


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