03 February 2012

So it’s February Already

It’s officially the third of February. Oh my god! Where have I been these past 3 days! I still haven’t updated anything for February! Or so I thought; I should say.
Salam peeps! It’s the third of February, I know. I am busy for the time being, and being busy means I am keeping up with the date. I realised it’s February already, but i don’t have that much time to update my blog.
Blurgh! I’m still trapped with my labwork. Chemicals, methods, time and stuffs. It’s really exhausting (yet satisfying). To tell the truth, I’m in a love-hate realationship with my research project. For times, i feel like enjoying every bit of what i’m currently doing, while at some other time i feel like giving up. Sometimes i feel happy with my project achievement, and some other time i feel hopeless.
I am dying to write an issue for my entry, but my thesis writing plus lab analysis leave me very little time for that sort of research. Cut me some slack, OK?
And a sad thing is, my blog traffic is steadily decreasing; just like it was before i wrote that Pegar thingy. So now i don’t have that many views per day. How disappointing!
So basically, urm, I don’t have many things to say. Just going to focus on my research for this long weekend and on next week, I’m going to have to go sampling again. Hukhukhuk!
So much a life of a postgraduate student!

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