03 March 2011

Pictures of Ajuma

Hey dudes and babes!

Last night, my friend read my entry about the Ajuma I met in Korea, and to my surprise, she did snatched some pictures of Ajuma! Excitedly, I asked her to post those pictures to me.

Lucky you, that you can now see who is the person I talked about.

This is the lovely Ajuma!

This is the Ajuma you have been reading about! As you can see, she was cooking Deokbukki, the white rod things inside that hot plate, together with that magma-looking gravy. And the sticks that you can see are the ‘fish sate’ I talked about.

“Smile Ajuma! Your picture is going to be published worldwide!”

So this is her, to those who wonder. And no, the hijab-ed woman is not her daughter; though they look almost exactly the same. 

She is Linda, my friend from UKM who accompanied me to have some ‘fish sate’ in Ajuma’s stall. And she was the one who had the pictures above. Credit to you Linda! Thanks a lot for these wonderful pics!

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  1. Nice. I like it. Though her face looks more like ah saw selling veggies, sure brings the look of a mom.

    "And no, the hijab-ed woman is not her daughter;"
    Hope that you don't get criticism from others about this. :p


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