02 March 2011

1st of March, and I am miserable

Ladies and gentlemen, (also gentle men)

Today is the first day of March; and I have a few things to share. Yesterday I had a test for Envirometriks, and it was awesome! I don’t care if I’ll get a low mark or not, as long as I could answer every question asked. After all, that is what counts the most! And I was the first one leaving the exam hall. What was fun about that is that everybody was tormented to see I walked away happily. Some psycho streak from me!

And I cannot stop bothering the sore throat I’ve been having for already a few days. Think I’m going to catch a fever VERY soon. Sore throat sucks! It feels so itchy that I have to clear my throat every now and then. I suspected this sore throat comes from the water out of water cooler. The filter looks suspicious enough for me to draw this conclusion. (Some scientific terms practice for thesis writing). I mean, when was the last maintenance done for that effing crap machine? I don’t have any issues drinking water out of that copper tap, just that filter only needs to be cleansed time to time, not just RINSED in water! The filters already look rusty and berkelodak!

And I am still struggling finishing my FYP. Like I said; never-ending-story. Literature review remains the worst part ever, besides finishing the labwork itself. I hope I won’t caught any fever soon since the day after tomorrow I’m gonna start acid digestion. Ya I know people; I’m a slowpoke. If I caught fever, maybe need to postpone again; and I cannot afford procrastinating for anytime near in the future.
Thanks btw to everyone who had viewed my blog, you had significantly increasing my traffic for these past few days. I am very thankful for that! Ok, next time I’ll bring you to KFC eh? Can? But only after you view my blog again and again and I get the money. Haha! 

Oh and I have this news I’ve read this evening that I wanted to share. “Gajah hempap pelancong” in Kuala Gandah. It was Myan Thong Pyan; she tripped over a male visitor from Kuantan inside the river while they were bathing together. Luckily, only the visitor’s toes got broken, and nothing serious occurred.

Ever since I was doing my Industrial Training, me myself can see the risks of putting the jumbos and human beings in one river. But the visitors themselves love so much bathing with the elephants that we had to adhere to their request. Some visitors even scolded us when water activities were cancelled due to the rising of water level during the heavy rain. And to think of that, I have to mention also that every activity provided in Kuala Gandah is free of charge! Means the elephants gain nothing from carrying the visitors on their back and bathing together with them. Pity big soft-hearted mammals!

P5030114 - Copy
Myan Thong Pyan bathing with the ‘mat sallehs’

That’s all I want to share now. Till then, 

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