22 February 2011

What? u start blogging?

I know, I know...

Now is a not very good time to start blogging, but I couldn't help myself from championing a keyboard marathon. Oh God, and next week I should be sending my first thesis draft! Shouldn't I be writing my thesis now instead of updating my blog?

To the hell with thesis! Hahahaha! This is very depressing! Writing thesis is like typing a never ending story. There is always room for more words and corrections, and science facts that had to be verified via writing a full sentence of crap and craps. Since I like to write craps and I had wrote enough craps for thesis, maybe writing thesis shouldn't be given any attention, at least for now. Some other craps, however, will be given special treatment. Such as this blog. Hohoho. and that leads us to point number two. (eh, bila masa pulak ni point no 1 kan? )

I would like to have money by doing what I love: writing! And that was why I subscribed nuffnang, for some wealth sake ^.^ I just love getting money!

Then it should make sense now. To have more money, I have to have more people reading the craps I wrote. To have more people to busy-ing my traffic, I have to always have fresh material. To have fresh material is to write more craps! So, my accounting machine deducted this: to write more craps is equal to more money!!

That's why you would be seeing more and more craps sooner! Hahahaha!! and please follow my blog. let's enrich each other with money if u guys subscribe for nuffnang!

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