04 February 2019


I am here sitting on a sofa, across the sliding door where I could see thunders from miles away.
It is still dawn right now, and sounds of zikir are playing from the nearest mosque. This setting is almost similar to that of Kerinci back then in 2017, yet my mind is fixed on YYBTN, remembering every tiny bit of the journey of my first ever G7 mountain which I scaled in 2016.

Many of those friends who were with me on the YYBTN trip are now somewhere in the midst of the vast jungle of Perak, on their second day of attempting the two G7 peaks of Korbu and Gayong. It is a part of a bigger scheme of attempting Tahan, later on this year. 

I must say, regrets did pang my chest for not joining them, but all things considered, I can tell that this is the best. All my siblings gathered for the first time ever in 2 years, and I get to bring my parents to a vacation. Last year's CNY holiday, I was in Lojing, hiking. I haven't started my own training to Tahan and it freaks me out.

I have somewhat decided on retiring for good after Tahan. For some this might be a disappointment, but at 30 this year and after I graduated with my Master's degree, I think I need some time to prioritise and reconfigure my life.

It really surprises me on how much graduating my Master's has affected my life, especially in giving me serenity and it helps me to focus on whatever current tasks I'm on.  Surely I was late several years, but it still feels liberating nonetheless. The stress from not completing my degree was holding me back from my true potential both at work and in personal life, but I could appreciate the hikmah behind it. 

This was Kisah Seorang Budak U for nearly 10 years, and now that I've officially graduated, it is a misnomer, yet I couldn't think of any better name to replace it with.

I write less in BM now, because I felt like there's a monumental shift in the voice that I carry in my blog. The current dominant voice is the English one, which I usually use in a more serious tone. The bahasa one is used for joyous entries, yet I am finding myself to be less joyful every single day.

It's 7:12 right now, and I could see the sunrise from here. Birds chirpings have replaced the sounds of zikir. Is this an ending to this entry? Why can't blog be like twitter where compromising the structure of your writing doesn't affect the overall train of thoughts?

With that, I bid my farewell this time. Till we meet again soon xoxo

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