02 April 2015

Young, Dope, Proud

Call it hormone, call it raging emotions.
The storms brew a thousand tiny needles, piercing through our soul. 
It’s a hopeless, futureless union, but it felt good.
The lights turned down low, only now dim rays illuminating the actions – slow but sure.
Our emotions are elevated to a euphoria height for a split second, followed by a rush of blood into our veins covering the tracks of excitement. 
But we never care, not for now. For something too beautiful to happen within our relatively short span of time is a wonder in itself. This is the forbidden fruit of love; of hope; and of deviance itself – culminating into this one moment of infatuation when nothing else matters. 
Heaven is a place on earth with you. You make me crazy, you make me wild. Your golden brown skin glimmers under the light, an awkward laugh broke the serene silence, but after so long I felt so much alive. Like a baby, like a child – life becomes so weightless, thin – simple. 
It’s how I defined those blue nights when the past seems small and the future seems manageable. The touch of the fingers works so much wonder that we could not have known better. 
It’s things as simple as that we hold dear to our hearts. For just a brief moment, a bright light, an explosion of feelings, the height of emotions all coexist in us. The pursuit to achieve that one small moment again later determines the crossing of our paths. 
We long for that one fleeting moment of happiness – always.

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