21 October 2014

Because We Deserve Better

It’s funny to look back and realise how life played out for us.
We were raised by different families and cultures. We went to different schools, different national service camps, different universities, and different working places. We get different grades for our SPM and later our lives just simply never crossed.
We work differently, you might take accountancy or law or engineering as your first degree, while I did an applied science course until my Master’s. You might have gone to study abroad, while I remained here. We lived differently too.
We may stand under the same sky, but underneath different clouds.
We may meet sometime later; I might saw you on a Kuala Lumpur bound flight from Jeddah, while you played a game on your Nokia Lumia 1020. I might read your tweet on twitter accidentally, or read your blog unknowingly for that matter.
I might have queued behind you while paying for parking ticket at The MINES, or I might saw you across the street during a marathon where I am an avid supporter of my friends.
We are two straight lines; parallel but are never destined to meet. Or some of us are two tangents that will just meet at that one point, and will part ways forever.
We are strangers on a train, heading to a single destination. But we don’t know each other yet, and maybe will ever so.
But despite our differences, we care for the same thing. We long for the same objects, crave for the same affection. We mourn for the same tragedies and cried for the same loss. Because despite those differences, what we really want is happiness.
We hated our jobs, we feel like we deserve better. We always feel like everybody else’s life is way better than us, but they actually feel the same thing about ours.
We complained how harsh our life is and that others had better, but what we didn’t really realised is what we had is good enough for us.
We are people who didn’t realise that our heart beats in unison, that we pray heading to the same kiblat, and we are united by the same love, and that we fear for the same things and frustrated by the same inconveniences.
But despite all these, when our eyes meet in the subway, we’ll look away. When we had the chance to talk to each other, we simply moved away, not knowing that if we just continue, we might be best buddies for life.
And despite all these, we will never know that we might hate each other for reasons too petty to compare to the similarities that we shared. Because later on the same day or night, we will still pray to the same God and cried for the same harshness of life.
It’s a shame really, to realise that all that we wanted in life is the same thing. We want to be happy.
We’ll just end up being another two strangers on this slowing train. Our eyes will meet, and that one glare emit a spark of intimacy.


The only difference now is I will smile to you when you caught me staring at you – while thinking of the 1001 possibilities that life could offer us, and you might think that I’m a creep.
But deep within this skin, we are beautiful with our own imperfect ways.

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