02 August 2012



We gazed upon the heavenly skies of stars, celestial bodies and layers on layers of different light intensities.

That’s when we knew something now has changed.

How it felt was never as good as how it looked. We remain calm talking to each other, when our hearts were full of rage. We cursed in silent, taking turns to stab each other in the back.

We were talking of growing up, maturity and living alone. We were avoiding each other; we denied that we need each other.

We knew that somehow somewhere some time, something has gone wrong. That’s when you decided to leave. And I tried, however is possible, just to keep delaying the separation.

We didn’t even try to mend anything that has broken; we were egoistic in our own ways.

Coming to this conclusion, at last, was your intention after all. You learnt how to take, without giving back. You learnt how to break, and did that without remorseful doubts.

Nothing to say now, just farewell. I do hope for the best, for us. And if it means leaving you, then be it. I have come to terms with sadness and guilt, and I hope you won’t.

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