18 June 2012

My Sister is a Badass

Last week hari Jumaat saya balik kampung dengan my big sister with her husband and two kids and also my parents.
Lepas Maghrib I took a train to Sungai Buloh from Serdang. Masa tu my mom dah bising-bising sebab she said they would pick me up on the way back from the hospital. Sebab they wanted to pick my sister up also who was detained at Hospital Sungai Buloh since she had a high blood pressure and she is 9 months pregnant and she will deliver her baby anytime soon. Since I was late, then they have to pick us up on separate occasions.
Nevertheless, I reached Sungai Buloh station at about 9.30 pm, and like after 10 minutes of waiting, my bro-in-law with my parents and nephew and niece came to pick me up. My sister was already home, and she was packing up her things to send back to kampung that night, which includes her baby kit and stuffs like that, and also her children’s clothes since they would be staying at my mom’s during her maternity leave.
So after we went back to her house, she was still packing. We headed home to Temerloh at about 11.00 that night, with quite a stuffed car. It was seven people altogether in the car, including my parents and the two toddlers (my sis’s kids - aside from the baby in the belly).
We reached Tol Gombak at about 11.15, and it was when it happened. Masa nak masuk that Tol lane, we were in our own lane. And there were a few other vehicles tried to cut the queue to enter into our lane. Simply put, the lanes are merging into one. My bro-in-law aka driver let one of the vehicles, particularly a Toyota Hiace van to slip in in front of us. However, right behind the Hiace van, a Genting Highlands taxi closely tailing it, and the taxi driver made a furious attempt to cut the queue right behind the Hiace.
My bro-in-law didn’t let him to slip in, but the driver; a Chinese in his middle-age fiercely revving his accelerator everytime the Hiace closing in. When the Hiace almost made it into the line, my bro-in-law quickly seal the gap with his car, leaving the Chinese driver frustrated.
But that stupid mother-f**king Chinese uncle dengan penuh selamba merapatkan teksi dia dekat our car, lepas tu dengan satu goresan panjang, he drove his car rubbing ours; scratching our car in the process from back to front. Satu kereta bergegar. Oh, and he did one final touch; dengan selambanya dia langgar side mirror kami dengan side mirror dia.
My sister exclaimed in anger: “Did he scratch our car? No you don’t! That bastard!”
My bro-in-law quickly took over the taxi; pulled over and he opened his door, looking at our newly scratched car; result of the collision. My bro-in-law looked at the driver with his angriest eyes, and giving him signs saying “I’m watching you!”
But then my sister said: “Apa lagi! Nak gaduh gaduh betullah! Kereta ni aku yang bayar!”
And she passed her child on her lap to my mom: “Adik duduk dengan Wan! Mama nak pergi bergaduh!” Then dia keluar dari pintu, in sync with my bro-in-law. Depan-depan tollgate kami berhenti. Semua kereta terhalang. Apalagi, terus my bro-in-law dengan my sis serang Uncle Driver tu. (I tell you, my sis is the biggest badass. Mind you, she’s 9 months pregnant with a high blood pressure.)
I wanted to come out, but my mother stopped me. Considering that I will leave two grandparents and two children if I have to come out, I stayed inside the car to stay guard, while my bro-in-law and my sis launched an all-out two-pronged attack on that reckless stupid Uncle Driver. My mother exclaimed her worries for my sister’s health for she was just discharged from the hospital.
They quarreled for a good few minutes, before they decided to ‘bawak dekat tepi’ since we were blocking every other vehicle from entering the tollgate. (Miraculously, nobody honked us. I suspected they enjoyed the drama so much they decided not to make a noise)
Then my bro-in-law and my sis came back into the car; paid the toll fee and sped cross the road to the roadside. The taxi Uncle Driver followed behind, with another MyVi car following. It turned out that the MyVi driver was the prime witness since he was right behind us and he had already given the permission for the stupid Uncle to cut the queue in front of him, but the Uncle decided to make a long scratch on our car instead, just for his pride’s sake.
So while they were on the roadside, my sis and bro-in-law, together with the MyVi driver were ‘discussing like adults’ on how the stupid driver drove irresponsibly and recklessly and stupidly.
And to my shock, the Uncle did not, at all, admitted that he was wrong. He said things like:
“Dua lane jadi satu ma! Dua-dua kereta nak masuk! Lepas tu berlaga! Bukan salah saya ma!”
“Lu cakap lu betul, saya cakap saya betul! Takde siapa tau siapa yang betul punya!”
“U punya kereta takde apa pun! Calar sikit je!”
“Cincai-cincailah! Saya takda duit punya!”
And my sister went all like “Pala hotak lu! Memang la dua lane jadi satu, tapi lu yang masuk lane kitorang!”
“Calar sikit apa! Cuba lu tengok!”
“Dah tau takde duit, buat apa langgar kereta orang lagi?”
“Lu nak bayar dekat kita ke lu nak bayar saman RM300?”
“Saya tengah sarat mengandung, baru keluar dari hospital. Kalau apa-apa jadi dekat saya lu nak tanggung ke?”
Then my sister attacked the taxi passengers as well. “Dia bawak tak senonoh pun you all buat diam ke?”
Then the taxi driver said: “Deorang tak tau apa-apa ma. Semua ni pelancong Cina!” Oh yeah. Now you have to make all the passengers your puppets.
The witness aka the MyVi driver also stated everything that he saw. He said he gave enough space already for the stupid Uncle to chip in, but that Uncle persisted on fighting with us.
And since now my parents and the kids safely sat in the car, I took the liberty to take the pictures of that moron and his taxi, together with the plate number and the passengers. My only regrets are my phone camera was not HD enough to take that Uncle’s face in high resolution pictures; and also I didn’t take out my phone when that Uncle scratched our car. Man, that would be epic. And I’ll make sure the video go viral.
My sis asked him compensation to repair the damage he had done, about RM150 to repaint the long scratch. But he kept saying that it’s not his fault and he blamed the whole ‘two lanes merging into one’ stuff. Even with the witness’ testimony, he kept denying that he did anything wrong. Lastly, he gave my bro-in-law RM100 and drove away quickly from us. We were convinced that he would ask more money from his passengers for what happened tonight. We could see that he didn’t care much about money; he could always charge his gullible passengers more. It’s his ego that he must nurture and protect. We all can see how cunning he was; like a fox. That tongue-twisted, lying bastard.
There are reasons why I would say that this driver is one hell of a retarded, idiot human being…
1- It is crystal clear that our car not only had youngsters, we also had little kids and old folks on board. We did not hide the kids in the boot; we put them on display while they are on our laps. For God’s sake, we have two children who were just 3 years and 2 years old. It means that we have very vulnerable and fragile passengers; both physically and emotionally. Why in the hell he must think that we are a threat to his taxi in any way? Why he wanted to ‘cari gaduh’ with kids and old folks?
2- My sister was just admitted and discharged to and from a hospital for high blood pressure that can affect her baby. Can’t the taxi driver even think that there are possibilities that one of the passengers is in an unstable condition? Can’t he be, in his old age, more sensible?
3- It is surely because of his ego that he purposely scratched our car. His pride was hurt when my bro-in-law never gave him chance to cut our queue, so he decided he must do something to hurt our feelings. Proof; he did never care to cut our queue once he did the damage. He just let us go after he did his business.
4- He never showed any sign of remorse even after it happened. He handled us like a professional. From his way of talking, I daresay that he had been in this situation many times before. And I daresay that it was his fault if this thing did ever happen at the first place with other vehicles. With his invincible Nissan Sentra, he surely won’t hesitate to run over other car since his car won’t take as much damage as it inflicts.
After thanking our prime witness, we too hit the road once more, feeling angry and restless. My brother called several times afterwards after my mother informed him of what had happened. He too would come if it took longer than it was. We cursed that stupid Uncle again and again, for his stupidity and egoism. No wonder we had so many people killed on road every year, if every driver in Malaysia have this sort of egoism. They never want to lose, even just with a car.
Since that Uncle never did ask for forgiveness, I’m sure he would soon do the same thing to other people and he won’t change his bad attitude on road. For safety purposes, I enclose these pictures for your viewing. So peeps, be careful and never drive near this creature and his car that still roam the earth freely:
No need to censor any part of this life threatening idiot
That crazy driver, please repent or rot in hell. Choose whatever easier

My camera failed me miserably! Anyhow, this is him.

After paying us a small fraction of his revenue, he ran away. Presumably sending his passengers to Genting

Our prime witness. We could not thank you enough for standing up for justice. Thanks, man!

If there are things that I learnt tonight, they are:
1- Having an expensive phone is OK. As long as it can come in handy when you face this kind of situation. When you’re in this sort of circumstances, having a decent camera is a must!
2- Acting on impulse is important. Sometimes you have to let loose some of your devil inside to fight the real devil (like the crazy uncle). If not, you’ll fall victim to this type of road bully.
3- My sister is a total badass. I’m so proud of you, Kak Long! OMG, she was my inspiration. I think I have to be more like her. Brave and protective. I was always a man of reason, but being impulsive sometimes might save my sorry ass. (The day after this day, she screamed at our Burmese neighbour for riding his bike noisily in front of our house. That neighbour never use the street anymore)
4- (WARNING: Superstition. Don’t take it seriously…) Don’t ever discuss about selling your car in YOUR CAR. It would jinx your car soon afterwards. Shortly before the incident, my sister was contemplating (and saying it out loud!) selling the car to me. That was when that moron went scratching our car. <Superstition ends>
So peeps. It’s time to pen off. I only have one thing left to say; please be careful on road. Sometimes it’s not our fault we got involved in accidents. It’s some morons like the taxi driver that don’t care about others’ safety and well being that can harm you while you yourself did whatever possible to remain safe.
Assalamualaikum and bye. Have a safe journey. =D

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  1. the story was crazy, and awesome. :) i wish i had the guts.
    love ur sister.! :)

    1. hihihi! i'm pretty sure she'll read ur comment =)

  2. seriously, I hate this kind of driver.they think they're bigger than us that they can do whatever they please.huh!
    hey, how's your sister?is she delivered her baby yet?

    1. she's doing fine, thx for asking :)and nope, till i write this, still haven't deliver her baby.
      yeah, i hope everybody will take note. avoid this driver as he's one of the moron drivers.

  3. wow, that moron should use bicycle instead of petrol/ diesel fueled vehicles

  4. kepada sesiapa yang membaca blog ini, kakak saya baru saja melahirkan anaknya pada malam tadi pada pukul 11.50 malam. anak perempuan. terima kasih kepada yang membaca dan mengucapkan selamat untuk beliau. =)

  5. tahniah untuk kakak yang badass! ehe

  6. tahniah... mesti baby tu pun bersemangat macam maknya... salute kakak awak....


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