03 April 2011

Some Sort of Things


*Some glimpse of the future*

When packing up my things, I knew that everything is over. This whole 3-year period had finally come to its end. I packed everything already; books in boxes; clothes, towels, pants, bed sheets in big baggage; toiletries and hangers inside my pail. What’s left? Fifi, big teddy inside big plastic bag already. 

Maghrib azan is on air. Abruptly, a rush of emotions fueled my empty guts. The same azan is heard throughout the years, only now it is heard in different atmosphere. This is the last azan in UPM I'll be hearing.
The white mattress of mine is no longer will serve me from now on. The small light hanging above my study desk; the chair I sat on every time I’m on my computer. They are all will become a part of memories of this journey.

I remembered first day coming to UPM. Full of expectations and hope. Nervous but cheerful. I met PU, course mates, roommate. And to think of that right now, is to realise that they had now all gone. My first roommate, gone. All the PUs; gone. Course mates are those who will be leaving from my life very soon.
I double-checked my things.

The room is clear of my belongings; except for the rubber mat on the floor. I already am missing this place. Then my sister called. She’s already downstairs.

I hazily began to gather my things and carry them altogether downstairs. Without any hesitation, I walked away from the room, leaving it unlocked.

Suddenly my cheeks felt warm. Some tears is falling away from my red eyes. Gosh, never knew I’m going to fall in love so deeply with this place. Maybe it’s not this place. It’s the memories created when we were in this place.

Memories that bore feelings too much to contain. Some things stayed, and some things will move away. For all the things the memories carried, we only had some to cherish on and to remember people we were separated from. The things carried meanings only those who knew will understand. Even a simple 50 cent can bring you a smile, if you remember well the memories of it.
Some sort of things, will last longer in your memories than they do in real life. And to remember the things is also to remember the people that had came earlier into my life.

Life goes on. I swept the tears away and smiled. Nobody is going to see me crying on my last day in UPM. I’ll wear a happy face so that every body will remember the joyous last day we had had in here. For the sake of memories, of course.

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  1. sedih huhu..nnt tenet nak grad baru kita ketemu lagi :))

  2. ok..kita ketemu lagi ye zeha...insyaAllah kalo ade rezki


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