24 February 2011


Assalamualaikum Dato’,

I am one of your fans who recognised you for being the Minister who stood up for students. I am also from your Constituency; I was born and raised up in Temerloh.


I have a few things to say to you.

First of all, I must clarify that I am an ordinary student from UPM, with nothing unusual, no political affiliations, just a student. But since you interrupted into our political matters in UPM, I have a few things to ask.

1 – Pro-Mahasiswa rejected any outside political influence, which was portrayed by few of their demonstrations. See Dato’, maybe I have mistaken, but your biodata says “Ahli Parlimen Temerloh”, which makes you a foreign political entity to UPM. And oh my, you had just done the thing Pro-M hated the most! You are meddling into our campus political matters!

2 – Dato’, you are trying to say that the BHEP is repeating “the injustices done to Aung San Suu Kyi and Hamas whose wins at the polls were not recognised” But don’t you think what Pro-M had done is repeating what the bombers in Bali had done? They hurt the innocents in the name of Islam! Just ask them how do they feel after the security guards were injured, and many of them didn’t show any signs of guilt, instead they said that this is the winning of ‘Student Power’! And they also recited ‘Alhamdulillah’! The only thing that makes them differ from the bombers is they didn’t get killed.

3 – Dato’, the hell I care with political campus. I had voted down not sincerely since I had never even have a chance to know closely the candidates besides when they were screaming like hell while I was enjoying my dinner. Most of the candidates who looked good in the picture will have my vote. I think some things need to change. Maybe you could send an SMS to our VC or TNC again to ask them to do your bidding that campus election must be carried out after each and every Pro-M candidate is introduced to the students, with every poster must have Pro-M’s logo. But you should do this unbeknownst to the Pro-M, in case they found out you are some ‘outside political influence’ that was trying to ‘control the students’ mind’. Most other BN politicians got this cursing more often than you do, and I wonder why. They just did exactly the same; sticking their money-smelling noses in places they don’t belong, and the Pro-M raged like there was no tomorrow. And Dato’, you must consider yourself lucky!

4 – Dato’, you said “JANGAN ABAIKAN KUASA PELAJAR” and you reminded everyone that the voices of students must be heard, in case people want to avoid what had happened in Tunisia and Egypt. But from what I see, you were trying to emphasize the voices of anti-establishment party, or an opposition. And since you just mentioned Tunisia and Egypt, I must note you that the one who had rise up to have their voices heard was not the opposition in both countries, it’s the people. In case you wanted to apply it to UPM, the people is the real STUDENTS and not the opposition! STUDENTS like me, a neutral one, not students like Najib Chebbi who holds opposition in Tunisia!

We, neutral students rejected Pro-M for what they had done, for the name of our University that they had tarnished. We hate violence Dato'! So now, how could you say that the Pro-M holds what students want? You must start listening to voices like me, whom are neutral, ordinary, sincere and got nothing to lose if anything happened. Why should you listen to Pro-M when they have their own agenda that they inherited from outside political affairs? And the election was not a mirror for a student’s voice. Election is like giving hard choices to students and they won’t have the right to choose whoever they like. They only got to choose whoever is available on the screen! And again Dato’, you can refer number 3 for my suggestion.

5 – Since you stated above matter as in number 4, I must say that you must not abandon my voice. I have the right to speak, the right to condemn what I see is not right. You see Dato’, Pro-M is the biggest liar in University. They failed to impress me, and worse yet, they repelled me. Oh wait a minute! That doesn’t mean I‘m falling for Pro-A! I think both are hypocrites, but Pro-M shows that they have more questionable integrity compared to Pro-A.

Those from Pro-M that were elected usually have discipline problems; they didn’t attend meetings, being two-faced, slandering people and such. Pro-A did the same, but they were better in doing their works, and at least they don’t promote Islam together with their manifesto. AND at least Pro-A didn’t hurt any security guards all along their campaigns or post-campaigns, or demo, or post demos.

6 – Since this thing had become a national issue, I hope that you can send some positive signal to our parents telling them that UPM is doing great, nothing to worry about, everybody attending their classes except for those who participated in the riot. Well, eventhough now my neighbours will all equate riot to UPM, I am positive that your interruption of this matter can reduce the effects, and thus, will tend to make all people, young and old, foreign and local, to have confidence again in UPM, and forgetting whatever riot that happened. After all, it was just a sliding door and some bloodshed. Nobody will remember that.

I think that is all I have to say. I must state again that I am an ordinary student. I do hope you won’t read this letter, since I don’t want you to do the thing Pro-M hated the worst. Oh, Dato’ by the way, I hope we can eat ikan patin together once we back in Temerloh, away from this crazy campus politics sphere!
Assalamualaikum Dato’, and good luck.

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  1. wooa...i like ur entry...its sincere.. =)

  2. Nice thought. The way you eloborate it as the mind of we, the neutral side. Hell with pro-A and pro-M. We have done our job in election, why e should get involve in all this matter?

    I just want a happy class and lecture. Not an angry mobs wondering around UPM saying that UPM doesn't give a free will in politic.

    Wait till I become YB. Then you can reject, critic, or repel me. But you know what I will do to you all, cuz that is .... politic.

    Right now in my mind, just how hell should I finish my study and score great knowledge in UPM?

  3. Ayu: i tried to be as sincere as possible

    Hort: Yes, dat's all that we want! i think our deputy minister himself should also not taking side in this issue. Pro-M naik lemak. They should listen to what ordinary students like us want: we want success for our family. not some politics talking bullshit. we rejected pro-M for their incompetencies and craps. the Minister should listen to us also. don't just leave us for Aspirasi and pro-M. we need attention also!

  4. 'don’t promote Islam together with their manifesto.' I like that sentence. Most of them are from Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam which the only tasks for them is to help poor students continue to study. Pro pembangkang use Islam and that concerns me, a lot. They give bad perspective about Islam and I can't tolerate that.

  5. limau: yerp. they are using Islam as their main weapon, and those who oppose them are labelled as not pious enough.

  6. Well done. A very good post from the majority point of view.

    Sadly those "student leaders" in your campus fail to see your perspective but focus on things which students don't care at all.

    It is impressive that as an outsider, you managed to capture point no. 5.

    It seems nothing has changed since I graduated.

  7. tak kisah sebab memang itu kebenaran...

  8. Sabrie: point no 5 is a point the MPP kept well to themselves, but I'm good in eavesdropping. :P
    and thanks also.

    There are not "student leaders", they are "stupid leaders".

    Linda: elok sgt ke menyokong pihak yang salah? ops!

  9. tgah belajar ni,,sekadar amek taw sal poltik dahla.Amek taw je.Dah keje nnti..buatla politik,rapat umum.Siang malam hadap jela.Sbb parti anda,UPM diburukkan name di mata Malaysia.Itu blum lg bloggers dan batu api dr pihak luar lain.Aku arap,bebudak pro tuttt x payahla nk berdebat ngn dak2 upm dah pasal perjuangan ke ape.Baik wat mase skang,korg bersihkan name kitorg yg da busuk kt luar tu.Jelaskan psal perjuangan korg smpai cederakan orang.Pg debat dgn org yg nga ktuukk2 dak upm kt luar tuh sbb tindakan kurg matang anda.

  10. bagus2...walaupom ak ni malas nak baca bnyak2 dlm bahasa org putih(walaupun uitm suruh blaja dlm org putih),ak rasa nko ni seorng yg tak bias based on ape yang nko tulis..semoga nko grad dgn cemerlang yer

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