22 February 2011


I love it ! I love it ! I love it !

I know some people claimed that How I Met Your Mother is way better than Glee, but I think what we need now is simply a musical! How many musical shows are there like, since Grease? Oh come on, High School Musical is like Cinderella n it doesn't count!

See? What we seriously need is a MUSICAL! Hurray to Glee! First thing I love about Glee is everybody is a loser. No heroes, no jocks, no cheerleaders as the main lead. Everyone was a jerk, a closeted homo, a paralysed wheelchair-bound nerd, fat girl, pregnant, Jews, Asians, bullied, etc etc of whom people can relate to! It shows how imperfect people are, how we have our own insecurities that we have to address, our own mistakes that can pull us to be the biggest loser. Everyone is just a freak, just that they don't want to admit that.

Secondly, the numbers they're doing. Their covers are simply amazing and sometimes jawdropping! Especially with those mind blowing choreography! I must say I hated High School Musical though, for HSM was very childish and sometimes intolerable... =.= But with Glee, they shed some new lights on high school musicals. Like in HSM, macam Hindustan. Suddenly tukang kebun pun pandai menari n masuk sekali dalam tarian dia, n ntah bila dia practice menari sama2. Doesn't that sound weird???? Like Glee, only the casts are singing and dancing, and the crowd just ignore them, (well, they are losers..what else should the crowd do?)

But if u know truth about the cast u might nott find them interesting anymore.

1 - Cory Monteith (Finn)and Mark Salling (Puck) are 29 this year, which is not near to a high school age...well in Hollywood, 19 looks like 29 and vice versa...
2 - Kevin McHale (Artie) is not paralysed and he is the best dancer in Glee (well, when he is not in his wheelchair)...
3 - Chris Colfer, (Kurt) however, is openly gay...
4 - Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) is not really Asian..she was born in South Korea though, but she was adopted when she was 2...so she didn't really lived as an Asian...
5 - Lea Michele is adorable, not that cocky and self-centered in real life..

So that's what I had in hand so far. And so far, Glee is the best show that works for me. Tried Vampire Diaries, but without the musical part, it's hard to stay focused... Samantha Who? is great, but somehow the spark is fading away...Heroes? Oh yes, my favourite! But season 3 cut the excitement off with that ridiculous storyline and everyone-can-have-a-superpower subplot...

Until then, anyone of u Gleeks? if u r, let's have some Glee moment together!


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  1. 1st!... yeah~
    It's all credit to me who introduce to u Glee..
    Though S02 ain't dat hot as S01, it has the beat what beats me to listen it. Yeay!

  2. syed aku mmg follow glee nie dh season 2....mmg best la cite glee nie......tp kalo utk comedy aku lebih prefer big bang theory la dr how i met u mother........

  3. budak hort: yeah2! still love the show though!
    nazar: kan2? tapi aku x tgk r How I met ur mother dgn big bang theory..xde stok..hu3

  4. Tenet memang..tadi kt kls enviro pon da kecoh sal Glee nih..

  5. Qis, mestila! my favourite show tu! hahaha!

  6. mgu depan kt test, nyanyi lg yer...haha

  7. best la how i met ur mother n big bang theory.....ko try cari kat kawan2 ko.....


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