27 February 2011

Back from Holidays, ready for work!

Hey y’all!

How’s weekend? Today not gonna talk much, just wanna tell you guys that I’m going to be away for two days. Tomorrow have to send my first thesis draft, and also got one test, and next day after tomorrow have to send assignment.

Just came back from Rembau yesterday, and we had many unforgettable memories (when I said unforgettable, I mean THAT SHIT SO SCARY, I’M GONNA KILL MYSELF OFF!) Scary one, funny one. All is blended as one in this holiday. As soon as I have the time, I’ll tell you guys. (Some spoilers: kena kacau hantu, went to the best cendol stall ever…)

Here are some spoiler pictures before I tell you guys what happened that 13 hours in Rembau:


Apa gambar ni? Rumah berusia ratusan tahun tempat kami bermalam dan mendengar bunyian aneh…

Masjid Batu.

So far guys, that’s all. Imma gonna update later and tell you more about our experience in Rembau, especially ‘kisah hantu’.

Oh here’s another screen shot that made me laughed and mad at the same time. No relation with this entry, just menumpang since I don’t want to write another entry to include this thing.


So much ass for politicking!

That’s all dudes and ladies. Gonna keep you posted after another two days. Till then, please finish your homework!

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